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Jun 15, 2007 09:36 AM

Decent food near Rosedale (MSP)?

I'm planning on taking in a movie tonight at the big AMC theater at Rosedale and I thought I'd check to see whether anyone has recommendations for good eats up there. We're pretty open when it comes to styles of food, so any recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I may damage my credibility here a little, but I'd probably just go to Big Bowl (a chain pan-Asian place right in the mall). I've had some really good meals there, and then you'd only have to park once.

    Other posters have also had good things to say about China Jen (a Chinese place in the strip mall on the NW corner of Snelling and Co Rd B W), but I haven't been there myself.

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    1. If you like Indian food, I've often had good results at India Palace on Cleveland Ave. near County road C.

      That was often our after Rosedale stop when we lived in Northeast Minneapolis.

      1. Actually, you have a few fairly chowish choices.

        Already mentioned, but I love China Jen (the scallion pancakes are to die for)--it's on Snelling nearish to Cty B. Kathy Jenkins did a review on them in the Pioneer Press last week if you want to look for it. It was called "China Jen turns out to be a gem":

        Also, there's Saigon Star (I'll see if I can get the name of the strip mall it's in--it's in the strip mall across the street from Rosedale--the same strip mall on Cty Rd. B2 as TGIFriday's and Lenscrafters). EDIT: the name of the strip mall is Rosedale Commons. I've always entered from Cty Rd. B2, but I guess the address of the mall is technically on Fairview. How weird is that.

        And Willowgate II for the Thai menu (I've only been once but was pleasantly surprised.) This place is very nearby to Rosedale, but might be hard to find if you don't know the area:

        None of the above are necessarily the best of their genres in the Twin Cities, but they are all solid and places I'd personally go before I opted for Big Bowl.

        Also in Roseville, but maybe not close enough for you (is Lexington at Larpenteur too far?) is Mavericks for wonderful roast beef sandwiches. Key's Cafe and St. Paul Bagelry are there--in that same strip mall-- too. St. Paul Bagelry used to have pretty darn good bagels. I haven't checked them out since they had a chance in ownership awhile ago. (Several months, I think, but I'm not sure).I hope the bagels (and bagel sandwiches) are still good.

        Also at Hamline and Larpenteur is Mac's Fish and Chips. Used to be a reasonably chowish choice, but they increased their prices and away from using halibut and there's been a bit of a debate on this board as to whether it's still a good option.

        I've never been (or even noticed) that India Palace place. I must make a point of getting there!


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          I've been known to invent Roseville errands just to go to Maverick's. Did it yesterday, in fact.

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            Oh, I so wish I would have known about the Willow Gate II Thai menu being good last week. I was there with coworkers and ordered a Chinese dish - it was really really really bad. Like frozen grocery store chow mein bad. As was the accompanying won ton soup - tasted like dish water.

            I had bagels from St. Paul bagelry about 3 months ago and they were great. But they're usually not open around dinner time in my experience. Call before you go.

            Maverick's roast beef sammys are good, but there's not much else to eat there, and it's another place to call ahead before yo go - they have some funny hours.

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              Yes--great point--all those places in that Lex/Larpenter strip mall: Key's, St. Paul Bagelry (glad to hear the bagels are still great!) and Mavericks tend to be breakfast (Key's and St. Paul Bagelry) or lunch (all three) focused kinds of places. I neglected to heed the important "tonight" part of the original question...

              Well, I guess I don't need to try the Chinese half of the Willowgate II menu... Sorry to hear that, diesel.


            2. re: The Dairy Queen

              Oh I forgot to post this until now. We had occasion to eat in the ROsedale vicinity last weekend and tried Saigon Star. Although I still prefer Saigon (no Star. on University and Dale) , my husband and I did really enjoy our meal at Saigon Star.

              We started with eggrolls, which were very good, but not excellent. Nice and crispy but the flavoring of the filling didn't fulfill all our hopes.

              He had the pho and I got to try a few sips of broth. The broth was very rich compared to most phos I've had (note: don't construe this as rich relative to all other foods!), with noticeable cinnamon and anise flavors.

              I had a broken rice dinner with an egg and grilled pork. The pork was good but nothing worth describing in great detail. The egg, on the other hand, was so wonderful. . . I never knew a fried egg could have such amazing texture - I think they deep fried it! It came to me piping hot, uniformly golden, and a bit larger than you'd expect one egg to be. Like a tiny, round, golden brown feather pillow. The texture was more. . . foamy (but cooked) and fluffy than any fried egg I've had before. The yolk remained soft, so when I cut into the egg, the yolk ran all over my rice (that's a good thing in my book). I think I found a new favorite comfort food. Deep fried egg with broken rice and fish sauce. Oh man. I'm gonna go update my profile now.

              Thanks TDQ for the rec!

              1. re: diesel

                I've never tried anything but the pho at Saigon Star--since it's not exactly "hot soup season" I haven't been in awhile. But, it sounds like I need to go back for the deep fried egg dish--it sounds craveworthy, even during the high heat of summer! Great tip, thank you.


                1. re: diesel

                  Oh, wow - I love dishes topped with a runny-yolked egg. I've gotta get to Saigon Star for this one. Thanks, Diesel, for the tip!


              2. Royal Orchid Thai used to serve up average Thai in the strip mall just west of Fairview...I think Cost Plus World Market is the anchor tennant. I am not sure if they are still there, I haven't been there in a long long time.

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                  Royal Orchid can do very good Thai food, if you catch them on the right day and in the right mood. Avoid the lunch menu at all costs. But, befriend the owner, and she'll cook for you, and the quality shoots way up - as do the off the menu possibilities. Ask them if they have any Thai Eggplants, and then ask them to prepare you something really good involving those - and you can do pretty well for yourself.

                  Also, the St. Paul Bagelry has changed hands twice since Mike (of Pizza Nea) fame owned it. The latest owners took over a couple of months ago. They said that they're using the same recipe, but things just don't seem as good. They also own the local franchise for Maui Wowi smoothies - so if you want franchised smoothies, the bagelry is now the place to be. (They even took down the old bagelry sign and replaced it with two signs - one for the bagelry, and a big ole Maui Wowi logo)

                2. Hey, not far from there, maybe a mile south and another 1/2 mile to mile east on Larpenteur you can eat at Mac's for Fish and Chips or you can go a little farther to Larpenteur and Lexington and eat a really nice roast beast sandwich at Maverick's.

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                  1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                    I live around the Como Park area and I get a bagel from the SPB every Saturday after my runs. I have no proof but I feel they're bagels are the same as the original recipe - (and I love bagels...I grew up in NY), BUT I will say that I think the whole Maui Wowwi thing is weird and I don't think the new owners are as good as the old ones. By the way, weekdays, if I remember, SPB is only open til 5.

                    That being said -I know this was about Roseville area eats - I second Mavericks for cheaps. Am sort of scared to go back to Mac's since I've heard about the prices and not using halibut - I still advocate Cheung's at the corner of Dale/Front. Cash only.

                    1. re: snoboardbabe77

                      I haven't heard about Cheung's--Sounds intriguing. Can you describe that a bit more, please? What's good there, what kind of place is it? And where is Front (relative to a major street if you can think of one.)

                      Thank you!


                      1. re: The Dairy Queen

                        Energy Park Drive turns into Front east of Lexington.