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Jun 15, 2007 09:14 AM


We're heading back down to the Low Country next week. Always loved Lee's Inlet Kitchen in Murrells Inlet. Franks-- and Outback at Franks's-- in Pawley's is another favorite. Any changes in the last 5 or so years I should note? What about Georgetown? Anything there? We usually drive there for fresh seafood right off the boat, but have never eaten at at restaurant there.
Thanks for any help.

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  1. Does anyone know any inexpensive ($10-less) divey type seafood places? I'm heading down there with some buddy's pretty soon, I'm looking for a place with fresh seafood and good rum...

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      did either of you have any good seafood while in the Myrtle Beach area? We're looking to do a belated father's day seafood dinner TONIGHT. thanks

    2. Georgetown: must go to Kudzu Bakery. They have sandwiches and desserts that you can eat on-site at their patio tables, but our family goes to stock up on homemade bread, pies, wine, jams/condiments, fresh pasta, cheeses and so on. They recently opened "Kudzu at the Beach" in Litchfield. Bigger, brighter with more items (kitchen supplies and such). Off Willbrook Blvd. in the Mingo shopping center.

      Pawleys: Landolfi's Italian Bakery & Deli: Excellent brick oven pizzas, Italian pastries and cold cuts. Just South of Frank's on Hwy. 17. (driving South, on the right)

      And to answer inmybackpages about $10 or less seafood dive...I have yet to find one in the Pawleys, Litchfield, Murrells Inlet area. Nance's might be the closest thing, although I don't think I'd consider it a "dive". It is an older establishment (M.I. landmark) with one large, main dining area. Known for steamed oysters. It does have a bar off to the side, but I can't remember if it is beer & wine only, or full bar.

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        I was disappointed in Nance's. Everything fried. If you don't like fried seafood, you're out of luck. My daugther did have the most huge hamburger there! Bigger than her head I swear. The atmosphere is cold and ugly. Food is mediocre at best.
        I like Dunken Jacks in Murrell's inlet. They have wonderful steaks and brick oven pizza too. Skip Nances. You can get the same flavor at the Shoney's Friday night seafood buffet.

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          Thanks. Some interesting suggestions. Does Landolfi's do seafood on its pizza?
          I had forgotten about Kudzu Bakery. Ate their a long time ago.

        2. Murrell's inlet has a couple of great places. Flo's place is a little hole in the wall but has GREAT food. My daughter ate her first crawfish there. It's right on the inlet and you can eat outside. The Hot Hot Fish Club has divine food. If you eat early the prices are very reasonable. You can have it your way- eat outside and have a lovely view of the inlet, or you can dine inside with a much more fancy flair. The crab cakes were my favorite. We choose to dine outside, where the outdoor bar is and wear our shorts and sandals. We go there everytime we are in town. Recommeded it to our neighbors and they thought it was to die for. We noticed a lot of locals dining outside with us. That says a lot for it.

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            we did not make it out for dinner the other night.
            tried to go to Hot Fish Club for lunch...sadly it does not open until 4pm. So we went to Flo's but were turned off by the Neon and Mardi Gras atmosphere. We ended up on the front porch of Dead Dog Saloon where the food was okay and the Sweet Tea was not too sweet (which is good for me but not for those who prefer the sweeter, more traditional brew).
            We're trying to get into HFC for dinner tonight.
            note to those in MB-area: call for reservations 843-357-9175

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              y favorite in Murrell's Inlet is Capt Dave's Dockside....excellent food and service.I almost always go for one of the nightly specials because they are always great.But I still love Lee's Inlet Kitchen...they have the best hush puppies on the grand strand!Another good choice used to be Olivers.


          2. We go to the Litchfield Beach Fish House every year. It's my annual fried fish feast but the fish can also be grilled, etc. It's about a 1/2 mile south of the Litchfield resort on US 17.

            It's definitely a "fish house" but not to big with decent character.

            Give it a try.


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              a great dive in MI is the crab shack. it's in a little pink building on the right as you turn onto the MI road. it's 1/2 bar, 1/2 restaurant. only place in the area that has fried blue crab claws. the blackened grouper bites are superb as are the rum drinks (good and strong). when we ate there we were the only non-local. it's so much of a local place that there's a group of tables reserved for regulars. great food, cheap, great drinks.. we usually go there twice, at least, once when we get there and again before we leave.

              other MI places... lees is always consistent, oliver's lodge is a favorite of ours, and if you're the buffet type... ghost ship is the best one for the money in the area.