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Jun 15, 2007 08:47 AM

Blue Water Grill Update

I have not seen any recent postings on Blue Water Grill- at least from the NY minute I spent searching. Appears it is all about seafood. Wiithin the seafood category, what do they do best? What do you recommend? What should I run from? I am eating there Monday night, so any replies will be appreciated.

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  1. You might want to search the site again. There was a thread just the other day comparing Blue Water Grill and Acqua Grill . . .

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      Thanks. I did see it during my search. All it was was a which is better discussion, without calling out anything about better dishes- little substance, just a popularity contest. I really would like to know details- what is worth ordering, what should I stay away from, what dishes do the locals that go there usually order- those kind of things.

    2. Raw bar and sushi are the best. The entrees are a little common, though the quality is good on everything.

      1. Blue Water Grill is completely overrated. It is extremely corporate and the food is edible, but boring and uninspired. Additionally, while the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, you can always find a server in tears or taking the heat from a manager somewhere in the restaurant. My chilean sea bass was so salty I couldn't eat it and the paella my boyfriend had was like rubber. I remember going to eat there a couple of years ago and the place was packed--you no longer even need a reservation. In short--experience is unmemorable and pricy; and it must be awful to work there.

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          Blue Water Grill Review (Went 3/7/09)

          Wanted to give a quick update on a meal we had last week at Blue Water Grill. It was a group of six people! Ouch. That is rather big. We started with all sorts of grand plans including Jacks Oyster Bar… AquaGrill… but as the size of our party expanded our options grew smaller.

          But amazingly Blue Water Grill could seat a party of 6 at 9pm on a Saturday. I was surprised since it used to be that Blue Water Grill was very popular with Bankers/Consultants/Visitors and the people who love them. Is it the economy? Was it the food?

          Our party of six arrived at exactly 9pm. We were celebrating a friend’s new job. We had started the night earlier at my apt where we had shucked oysters ourselves and drank Prosecco. The theme of the evening was supposed to be oysters. (btw we got the raw oysters at Lobster Place in Chelsea and they were excellent and cheap!)

          We arrived..

          We were seated right away in the main dinning room in a nice round table with a ‘Benchy Type Thing In The Back’. Very pretty just as I remember the last time I was there. Also people were eating outside on the narrow terrace they have fronting on one of the side streets.

          Food was prompt and service was good. Overall the Oysters were good the rest of the food was hit or miss. We had a good time though and I think that is what counts. The cost also was pretty reasonable which was good.

          We got a number of bottles of “Sauvignon Blanc, Stonecrop, Martinborough, New Zealand 2008”. The wine was good and at 44$ a bottle was one of the more inexpensive varieties and people were happy. We had enough wine we didn’t even get to order Lemoncello

          Kumamoto Oysters – Fresh Briny and very good. They are tiny little buggers though.
          Some other Oyster – We asked for the Second most briny.
          The oysters were around 2.5 each which seemed reasonable they had 6 varieties to choose from.
          (Note! Some people in our party (non oyster eating folks) got sushi rolls for their starters. They would not share them with us since we had foisted our oyster plan on them. But they seemed to like the oysters.)

          Ahi Tuna With Lobster Dumplings – I thought this was very very good and the portion of Tuna was great. They pour the sauce table side which makes it appear fancy. Also the cost 27$ on this was not too bad. We had enough food I actually split this with the BF.

          Cod with Celery Sauce – This was special and it was nasty. Not nasty in a Janet Jackson sort of way. Not nasty even in Arpad Mykonos sort of way. Instead it tasted gross. My friend trudged through it though.

          Other folks had other food which they were pretty satisfied with.

          Overall I though the place was good. Reminded me of in the past. There has been some ragging about Blue Water Grill on this board arguing that it has gone down hill. It seem the same to me.

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            I also wanted to point out I had a whole grilled lobster during this celebration. It was cooked fine, so it tasted great of course. The lobster cost $27 / lb, which I mention because this seems like a steal compared to Citarella. They have lobsters 1.5 lb and up.