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Jun 15, 2007 08:07 AM

indianapolis and mid ohio

any suggestions for good food in indianapolis and on the way back to michigan...july 1-3...thanks

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  1. What sort of food are you looking for?
    Are you going through Indy on I-65 (straight through downtown) or going around on I-465 (east or west side)? That will help us locate a place that might be closest to where you'll be.

    1. Alas, I can graduate from mere lurker, to actual poster!

      I'm ususally not much of a sandwhich girl, but assuming you're heading north on 75 through Lima, stop in and get a Kewpee hamburger for lunch. Make sure to go to the downtown location, as you'd pass a different one on the way in before reaching downtown.

      Kewpee has been a staple of Lima since 1928, in particular the downtown location, which is very diner-esque. It's been rumored that Dave Thomas searched the country high and low when looking to develop Wendy's, and that he based it off Kewpee. This can be seen in their square hamburgers, malts, and chili.

      Great hamburgers, but be sure to save some room for sugar cream, or lemon crunch pie!