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Jun 15, 2007 08:01 AM

downtown falafel

juz started a new job downtown, does anybody know if there is a falafel cart around fulton st & water? tanks! abdul

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  1. the question is not where one is, the question is, which one is good? not sure about that part of financial district, but the one i see having huge lines all the time is Sam's falafel in Liberty park (never tried it though - not a fan of falafel). If you are looking for a good gyro though - Zeytuna's doner kebab sandwiches are the best (John/Williams, downstairs).

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    1. re: nokitsch

      thanx i'll definitely check out da doners @ Zeytunas. salam!

    2. Alfanoose isn't a cart but it's pretty good. It's on Maiden Lane between Broadway and Nassau.

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      1. re: johnnyappleseed

        k that's pretty close to me (water & john/fulton) tanks!

        1. re: furryabdul

          you're lucky to be near alfanoose! take advantage. good hummus too.

          1. re: djk

            These are NOT carts. Bread & Olive on John. I have only been to the one near my old office in Midtown (that location was v. good). Country Kebab on the corner of Fulton is pretty good (temporarily closed by the DOH - they've been busy downtown lately). I have never been to Alfanoose but heard it's GREAT. There's also a NEW place on the corner of Fulton and Cliff Street (a tiny store front).