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Need recs for Ardmore Area - moving

My husband and I are moving to Ardmore and need all sorts of recommendations for good restaurants in the area. We need everything from the best pizza, hoagies, chinese, (all for take out fixes) to nice, yet affordable places to eat in the area. We're trying to avoid some of the typical "Main Line prices."

We've been to Caveston's, Sam's Grill, Aldar, Shang-Gri-La, Sang Kee (wynnewood), Vinny T's, Felinni's, etc. What are some of the smaller, or other local places to turn to - not going into the city itself?

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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  1. If you like Indian food, try Khajuraho. Until I tried Tiffin, Khajuraho was my favorite Indian place. Some people on CH love it, some hate it, you should try it for yourself. It definitely beats the pants off the nearby Jewel of India.

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      Thai Pepper and Mikado aren't bad. The Fellini's is OK but prefer the Berwyn location. Also like Hunan. Mediterranean Grille is great in Bryn Mawr. Many like Carmine's as well. Check out Gullifty's just for the beer selection. Peace of Pizza is a personal fave on the Main Line for pizza (although some disagree). Ardmore Farmer's Market has a great cheese place (I worked there in High School and can attest) and the produce place isn't bad.

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        I shop at the Ardmore farmer's market at least once a month and the cheese place is great (you can also get chorizo, prosciutto, serrano there.. I have also had the dumplings at the asian stand. They are really cheap for take-away. The produce at the amish stand is good, especially when they have brussels sprouts.

    2. Our fave pizza is Bella Italia- they do not deliver. Also, you will have to try Marrone's pizza too- order double or triple cheese for this pizza comes with very little cheese on it.

      J&G deli makes good, inexpensive hoagies.

      We really like Lourdas - it is BYOB greek restaurant at Bryn Mawr train station. Yangming is excellent for a nicer dinner out.

      Ruby's is great for a burger. The Great American Pub in narberth is suprisingly good for dinner. It is a notch or 2 above the typical pub fare. We also have enjoyed dinners at the Penn Valley Pub.

      And our favorite, stand-by last minute dinner for take-out is the manicotti (frozen) at Carlino's. They also have amazing ricotta gnocchi for last minute quick dinners.

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        Bryn Mawr: Yangming (Chinese)
        Mediterranean Grill (BYO Greek etc.)
        Sola (BYO French)
        Wyndham House (BYO Club-style atmosphere For the Ladies Who Lunch)
        Bala-Cynwyd: Murray's Delicatessen
        Manayunk: Jakes (need I say more?)

      2. There's a very good Thai restaurant in Havertown called Sukho Thai Cuisine.

        I second Carmine's, J&G's, and I like Jewel of India again now (for a while they were not very good).

        There's a farmer's market (with real farmers) in Havertown on Wednesdays from 3-7 (I think that's the correct times) to pick up fresh produce, eggs, chicken, bison, etc.

        1. A few places not yet mentioned: the Viet restaurant near the Bryn Mawr movie theater, Dakota Pizza in Wynnewood for pizza and cheesesteaks, and Cafe Fresko in Bryn Mawr for a nice BYO dinner.

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            Be careful with Cafe Fresko in Bryn Mawr. They only take cash.
            That is one reason I never bother to go there anymore.

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              More accurately, cash or checks. Not a reason for me to skip a place with such consistently good food.

          2. Welcome to the neighborhood.
            Try McShea's in Narberth - in addition to a great selection of beers they serve a wonderful complimentary crab dip and interesting sandwiches, salads and entrees. If you want to avoid smoke, sit in the back, away from the bar.

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              Thanks so much everyone for the recs!! We're looking forward to moving (this week, actually) Where is the Farmer's market in Havertown?
              I'd love to check it out after we move.

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                Regarding the Farmer's market in Havertown, check out this link:


                They had strawberries that reminded me of my childhood ...

            2. Hi! I just saw your posting & had to offer a few more! A lot f people on here are direting you to main-line favorites, but I'd like to offer you a bit of local color if you're willing to step about 15 minutes out of Havertown. Everything I list has take-out!!!

              I agree with one other posting that Sukho Thai Restaurant in Havertown is excellent....although i can't seem to locate their phone # anywhere online tonight! Siamese Princess in Ardmore is really good too.

              Also, for the best pizza around, you'll want to try Gaetano's in Clifton Heights. It is about a 15 minute drive from Havertown, but well worth the trip. There is another Gaetano's in Springfield, but their pizza ovens are different (so i hear) and it doesn't measure up to the fantastic pizza that their Clifton Height's location offers. (Try the white pizza with clam sauce if you like seafood. all of their pizzas are amazing. Also, tell them you want your pizza a "little well done".)

              For amazing vietnamese food, try Little Saigon over by 69th street. It is on Fairfield avenue in Upper Darby, I think. The area looks shady, but the restaurant is top quality! Try #29 on their menu!! Also, try their vietnamese spring rolls!

              Also, try Sabor Latino on the weekends for authentic Columbian, Ecuadorian, Cuban, & mexican food. It is on Garrett Road in Upper Darby. The Chaulafa is great! As are the enchiladas de queso! AND THE FROZEN MARGARITAS ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD! It is worth staying for a margarita while you wait for your take-out food.

              For great Italian prepared foods, try Carlino's market on County Line Road in Ardmore.

              For great Italian prepared foods and awesome sandwiches on south philly rolls, try Ferrante's Meats & More on Haverford avenue right near overbrook. They have an amazing cihcken cutlet with broccoli rabe, roates red peppers, and sharp provolone. (i also like this one fresh mozz instead of the prov). This place is also a butcher & caterer. Their meat cuts are reasonably priced (much better than the ardmore farmer's market) and very fresh.

              NOTE: Carmine's has gone down hill since they moved. The last time I ate there, I had some really terrible crawfish. It was gross. I think they are focusing less on the food & more on their bar crowd these days.

              So, those are our favorites!!! Good luck!

              1. I worked at Marrone's in Ardmore for many years, and they have my favorite pizza in the entire world. Make sure to order double cheese or else they only put cheese underneath the sauce. The lasagna and meatballs are good as well. The Rusty Nail is also an interesting little bar that has live music. Yang Ming and Sampan Inn are good for chinese. There used to be a small deli in Havertown called Rainbow Deli (I think) on Eagle road, not sure if it's still there though. Good luck, I lived in Ardmore for 25 years, its a great place.

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                  Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. I am looking forward to living in the area (we just moved to Ardmore on Friday). It sounds like we'll be quite busy with all of the new places to try!

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                    one place that hasn't been mentioned in all this .... J&G Deli at the corner of County Line Rd and Wynnewood/Eagle Rd. It's the same right hand turn to get to Carlino's a little further down the block but J&G's hoagies are the best!! They come in sizes -- and the small or smallish are the most affordable and will still give you an enormous size lunch or treat to take to the Phillies game (J&G is all take out- they did have 2-3 tables in the back at one time?) Try the hoagies with the special names... the Sinatra; the Big Bambino etc.....

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                      And during the week you can get great sausage, onion, and pepper hoagies! And try the all imported meat/cheese Italian hoagie.