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Jun 15, 2007 07:18 AM

Suggestion in Georgetown area?

Anyone have suggestions for a medium-priced steak, shrimp or pasta (fettucini alfredo :( )place in the Georgetown area?...someplace that would appeal to an 18 year old for a birthday dinner?

She's kind of a picky eater so I'm thinking a little more mainstream and less Chow-Houndy would be best. <Sigh> I guess her Chowhound mom will just have to take one for the team that night.


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  1. Well if you are looking for pasta you should def. check out Filomena. All the pasta is made fresh daily---check out the Pasta Mamas when you first enter the restaurant. Everything is delicious (especially the fettucini alfredo) and served in huge portions. It's a family-friendly site which is also enjoyed by a lot of politicos and celebs in town (last time I was there I saw Fran Dresser from The Nanny).

    I think you will enjoy it as well. Any of the stuffed pastas are delicious. And since its a birthday dinner you can indugle in one of their many HUGE pieces of cake!

    Their website is:

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      I used to frequent Paolo's on Wisonsin Ave. while in grad school. It's been about 3 years since I have been there, but I always thought the food was decent and the atmosphere would be fun for an 18 year old. I recall that the minestrone and the pizzas were pretty good.

    2. I'm a fan of Bistro Francais. Not expensive, but still fairly nice French food - and lots of variety so you can eat chow-ishly while your daughter can have pasta or steak or a pretty darned good roast chicken.

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        Bistro Francais is a place where both a Chowhound and a picky eater have good options. The roast squab over pasta (pigeon en francais) or even the grilled tuna for the Chowhound and steak for the 'child.'

        Unfortunately, I have had nothing but horrid food at Filomena. Heavy, dense pasta and heavier sauces.

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          I love Bistro Francais as well (although I don't think they have any pasta since its a classic French bistro) but their steak and frites should make her happy---they have made me very happy on a number of occasions! :)

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            I know the brunch menu has a creamy seafood pasta, so its likely they have at least one or two pastas on the menu.

        2. Agraria is really good, and they always have some mainstream dishes, but also some very well prepared dishes when I went they had excellent roast chicken that was really juicy but that was a few months ago so it may not be on the menu now. They normally keep their menu on their website pretty current although their dishes do change seasonally. You can also prearrange them to make a birthday cake.

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            1. Sea Catch, on the harbor in Georgetown, is rarely mentioned by Chowhounds, but I find it to be one of the more consistently excellent seafood restaurants in the city.