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Jun 15, 2007 07:17 AM

Chinese grocery in Littleton carrying Yi Soon baked goods, BBQ

There's a newish grocery store in Littleton, called the Littleton Common Market. It's newish because it's been around for a couple of years under different owners. The current store is carrying a good selection of Chinese vegetables and other foods. But the big change is that they are selling baked goods from Yi Soon in Allston, and you can order bbq items (roast duck, roast pork etc.) which are delivered over weekends. I'm not sure where the bbq comes from, but it's bagged in Super 88 bags.

I tried some of the baked treats last Saturday (the only day they come in freshly baked) and they were terrific. Prices seem to be the same as Yi Soon's (around $1.50 - $2 for a bag of cookies, 70c for egg custard tarts, around $1.50 - $2 for large pastries). They had a limited selected when I was there in the afternoon, but they do a lot of business in the morning so they were pretty shopped out. There's an order list so I assume you can place special orders, just as with the bbq items. I plan to order something from the bbq list to see how it compares. Having this available saves me a long drive into Boston.

So far the menus for Yi Soon and the bbq meats are both in Chinese only, and the people in the store that I've met have limited English. I'm going to try to persuade them to translate the menus into English which will help the non-Chinese speakers.

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  1. Is this the place that's also a Dollar Store? If not, where is it?

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      It was a dollar store in one of its previous incarnations, perhaps a year ago? That didn't last long and it was taken over by the past owner who turned it back into a grocery. The shop is right next to Littleton Common.

    2. Interesting. I went in there in february and there was one guy working the place. No heat in there, it was about 35 degrees in there! Most of the freezers against the right wall were empty and everything was packed into 2 end ones in a half hazard way. A couple of the isles of dry goods were the same way, with everything piled in. In the back section there was a pile of goods on the floor about waist deep. I figured they were closing down or something..

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        The last owner wanted to sell and he had a buyer (the present owner) but there was some problem with the landlord and the lease. So he was forced to keep the store. They sold off most of the old stock at deep discounts. This is from a conversation I had with the past owner around Feb-Mar.

        The new owner seems to have better business sense. From what I can tell, they are focussing on fresh foods - the produce, baked goods and bbq, and slowly rebuilding the stuff on the shelves.

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          I must have stopped in during the chaos! It was pretty scary and this is coming from someone who goes to all the smallest hole in the wall stores in chinatown. I will have to check it out again. I hope it works out for them, would be nice to have that sort of thing nearby. I just dont know if the turn over/demand in the area will be fast enough to keep the stuff fresh or not.

      2. I went in today around 4 and they have a rack that had about 6 different types of baked items packed in plastic bags on it, i didnt try any as none looked too interesting to me. They had a list on the counter of all the items in both english/chinese. I asked if you could order or if they just get the stuff in and the guy told me it isnt special order, they just get it in every saturday and Sunday. I assume they had more in the AM.

        They had alot of fresh produce. I didnt see any fresh meats or bbq anywhere.