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Jun 15, 2007 06:47 AM

The River Cafe- First night as Mr. and Mrs....

Hey all!!! My Fiance and I got a reservation at the River Cafe on our first night of our honeymoon Sunday June 24th. It was not our first choice but we couldn't get reservation at any of our first choices... we have never been here but we love great food and we are looking for some romance... what do you all think?? Thanks!!!

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  1. I think you made a wonderful choice. Once you have your evening there, you will be thanking those other places you tried for being booked. The service and atmosphere are really fantastic and while I've only been once, the food I got was fantastic.

    Congratulations and enjoy your evening!

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      Thank you so much! I feel much better about the selection! We are so excited! :)

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        An important thing to know is that jackets are required for men. (Not ties.)

    2. Another important thing to know is that they have half bottles of wine that are very nice and well priced so that you can do white/red for appropriate courses if you'd like. And that, in our opinion, the chef's tasting menu is an excellent way to go if you dont mind spending a little extra. More courses with smaller portion sizes is better there. They will also let you negotiate a little what goes on the tasting menu so that you can each get something different on one course and try more. Dont worry about window seating (which is great)... if you get seated on the other side of the room (facing the water) just make sure that you're seated side by side so that you both get the view. Have a great time.

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        Thank you all so much for your great advice!

      2. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

        I think River Cafe is an excellent choice. You couldn't have picked a more perfect, romantic, festive choice.

        River Cafe has wonderful food, ambiance, and service. The view it breathtaking. You might want to call and discuss it with the manager beforehand,telling them you will be starting your honeymoon at their restaurant, and would appreciate any courtesy, such as a window table. They are always great for special occasions and special requests, and are proud of the fact that so many proposals are made at their restaurant.

        You didn't mention if you will be on your honeymoon in NY or are getting married in NY. In either case, have a great time.

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          Thank you so much! We are actually getting married in Nassau Bahamas (this is home for us) and we fly to New York for one night before heading to Paris and Greece for our honeymoon. :) I will take your advice and mention our honeymoon to them. Thank you!

          1. re: gastronomy

            absolutely do. my wife and i went to the river cafe for our first dinner after our wedding. it was a wonderful setting and they offered us complimentary champagne (and GOOOOD champagne, too!) while we waited for our table. you've made a perfect choice!