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Jun 15, 2007 06:29 AM

italian restaurant tonight for (early) father's day dinner?

Parents are coming into town tonight and i'm still struggling to decide on a restaurant for an early father's day dinner (& at this point i'm also limited by what will still have tables)!! they're a bit more conservative so i'm looking for a place w/ very solid pastas and meat/fish entrees (unfortunately they're mostly accustomed to very average chain italian food in upstate NY). Great service and a nice (ie not cramped, not too noisy) atmosphere are also essentials..

looking for something downtown (below 23rd preferably), moderately priced (entress in mid-20s fine).

i'm considering.. crispo, barbuto, apizz, peasant, cacio e pepe, del posto enoteca ($40 prixe fixe!)..
other suggestions, preferences of the above, etc welcome...

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  1. I think Apizz will be less noisy than Crispo. Del Posto Enoteca is great too. The dishes are a little less traditional however.

    1. Hi kareny123,

      I agree with clashfan Crispo and Del Posto are great options. Del Posto has a magnificent decor and will sure impress your dad. The enoteca menu is now $45, which is still a bargain considered that they have some of the best pasta in town (on par with Babbo). However, you need to call ahead for reservation (so NOW!) and make sure you tell them that you are going for the enoceta dining, as they only have limited space and spots for that.

      In case you can't score a table at Del Posto, then Crispo is definitely a great alternative. Cozy atmosphere and great antipasti for sharing. Of course the pasta dishes are great too! The only drawback is that it may get loud when crowded, but I never had too much of a problem with the noise at Crispo.

      Hope you have a great dinner with your dad and your family!

      1. If you're willing to go a bit above 23rd St., Campanile, on 29th St., b/t Park Av. S. & Madison, would be a perfect fit for your parents. It's a "hidden gem" neighborhood spot that serves solidly-prepared, delicious traditional Italian fare. Service is pleasant and efficient. It's a fairly large place with attractive decor, nicely-spaced tables, and a conversation-friendly noise level. While it might be too low-key for some, I think your parents will love it!