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Jun 15, 2007 06:20 AM

Hillsborough Hog Days: worth going?

It certainly seems promising with the BBQ competition, but is it actually worth it to go for the BBQ if you''re just a patron? While the BBQ is judged individually, it then says they throw all the BBQ together in one huge bin and make sandwiches out of it. That seems akin to throwing Allen & Sons, Bullocks, Dillards, and Q Shack all together. Wouldn't that taste a bit weird and somewhat defeat the purpose of the BBQ championship to begin with?

Also, someone mentioned a while back some father & son pairing who would cook up the best BBQ in the Triangle area from the back of their truck, but only once a year. Who are they, and where does that take place? It was either at some annual festival or church gathering.

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  1. I have always been disappointed with the quality of the BBQ. Do not go for the BBQ.

    1. Alas, I must agree. The Q is nothing special.

      It's interesting if you're into competition barbeque to walk around and see what the competitors do, but you won't get a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The sandwiches are small and expensive.

      It's the kind of thing you can do once for curiosity, but you'd be better served just stopping at any of the places you mentioned on the way back for a meal.

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        This year was the first time we went in a few years. While the Q ia nothing special in pat years we always hve had fun between the music and other activities. Since last time we went they moved it from around the court house to the school, and started charging. Dont know why but is just was not as much fun this year and a lot less crowed then in past years.

      2. The year we tried to go, we arrived at about 2pm and they were out of bbq, so we had to have hot dogs! Arrive early!!