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Jun 15, 2007 06:17 AM

Roly Poly wraps

I was out and about yesterday at lunch and needed a quick portable meal. Passed a Roly Poly and decided that would fit the bill. I've had food from there before (boxed lunches during meetings), but had never had a "fresh" wrap. I was pleasantly surprised! The ingredients were fresh tasting and the combo of flavors worked well. I had the basil chicken wrap made with basil chicken salad, Thai chili/garlic sauce, crunchy cashews, green leaf lettuce (not the dreaded shredded iceberg!), avocado and plum tomatoes. It usually comes with alfalfa sprouts, but I got mine sans sprouts. They've got about 50 different wraps and all sounded very tempting. Any of you hounds have an opinion or a fav you'd like to share?

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  1. i love roly poly. my husband & i share the italian combo for lunch quite often. it is by far my favorite "fast food" type place for lunch! the italian combo has mortadella, ham, salami, artichokes, red pepper, lettuce & italian dressing. always made fresh and the wraps themselves are good. i've had a few of the others, but keep coming back to the italian.

    1. We're in the process of totally redesigning and updating, and I keep debating whether to include Roly Poly. We really focus more on local places, and Roly Poly is a 100-plus-location franchise chain, with I think about three location in the 'Ham, but I, too, was really impressed by the freshness of a wrap I had recently -- I think it was the same one you had. Great alternative to the usual fast-food places.

      1. I love Roly Poly, but never get to eat there. The one where I live (St. Cloud, MN) is all the way across town from my job and home and they close extraordinarily early. They have fresh ingredients and some of the most interesting flavor combinations I've seen in a restaurant of it's type. Yum!