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Jun 15, 2007 05:08 AM

Black Pearl any good?

Being close to work, I was thinking about trying dinner here tonight. Need the good, the bad and the ugly, as well as any other recs in the area. Thanks

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  1. I was there a few weeks ago and was disappointed. The place is comfortible and the service was good, but I did not like my lobster roll. It was just too buttery, rich and heavy, the lobster taste did not come out. I could barely finish it. I much prefered it in the old spot.

    1. i've gone a bunch of times as my bf lives just down the block. there is a definite lack of consistency. sometimes the rolls rival that of pob or mary's and other times they are substandard. you could try hill country across the street (i haven't been yet, but reviews i have read seem promising)

      1. Went to Hill Country on Wednesday. Excellent Margaritas, and if you're into Texas BBQ, while I'm no expert on it, this stuff was the real deal. Awesome ribs, the "Moist" brisket we felt was a little too "moist" but still tasty. Potato Salad side was good as well, although some of the potatoes were a little undercooked we thought. But all in all, would definitely go back if I had a hankering for BBQ.

        1. I really liked the fried clams, I was so-so about the lobster roll. I found that the coleslaw had a weird taste and the fries were kind of blah.

          1. fish & chips were ok... would not go looking to be "wowed", generaly the food seems to be only "OK" to "good".

            ... and I was served a bad oyester there on one occasion, pretty much ruined the rest of the meal.

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              Did dinner at Black Pearl with my Boyfriend. The food way good, not great, just good. But was totally shocked when the bill came and it was north of $90.00. We had 2 apps, a lobster roll ($25.00) and a Pot pie... I would not go back.

              1. re: eatnyc

                went recently and didnt love it. lobster roll was only so so and the mussels were too fishy. also thought it was definitely overpriced for what it was.