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Jun 15, 2007 03:33 AM

Calgary Fish and Chips?

Can't seem to dredge anything up from the archives...any recommendations?

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  1. I like the fish at Trawlers, especially the Halibut. They are definitely on the expensive side, but it's the best i've found in town. They are located on 14th Street and 15th Avenue, next to Boyd's Seafood. The fries are ok, but typically hit and miss, as they're sometimes a bit undercooked and soggy. I had some terrible mussels there - which, next to a seafood shop, i found to be surprising, and a bit disgusting.

    Oh, i had a funky experience there with the ketchup as well - we think someone had poured beer into it. They use the opaque plastic squeeze bottles that have the same ketchup sitting in the bottom for who knows how long, so do a smell check first... they did recook our order though.

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      I ate at Trawlers last winter and rather enjoyed it. On a trip there last week, however, it was pretty disgusting. The cod was underwhelming, to say the least.

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        Have you tried The Lord Fin in Cochrane?

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          Fromt he places I've been Lord Fin is my fav also b/c the batter is just so light. I can actually enjoy a 2 piece meal.

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            FYI - The Lord Fin is now Schooners and is even better now! One piece of advice though - don't go when you're in a hurry. Service takes a while but it's always worth it!

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          I was informed by a person who works in the seafood shop that the restaurant is completely separate. And that Trawlers does not buy any seafood from them. Shocked the heck out of me, I always thought it was one place, like a deli where you can have a sandwich or just take meats home for later.

        3. I recall really enjoying the fish and chips at Boyd's on Macleod Trail S (5211), but that was maybe a couple of years ago.

          More recently, I had a pretty good meal at Billingsgate up in the Stadium Shopping Centre across the street from the Foothills Hospital. It's just a few tables on the side of their fish store, but the fish was fresh and cooked well. And I saw one of the bizarre Newfie flavours of Crush that they don't have out here -- Birch Beer, I think.

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            Two of us had fish and chips at Billingsgate (Stadium Shopping Centre) twice in the past 3 months, and both times we were very disappointed. The service at the counter was surly, to put it kindly; but we could live with that if the fish 'n chips were good. Sadly, the fish was extraordinarily greasy, and the chips were just mediocre at best. As well as this disappointment in fish 'n chips from a aplace where we expected better, the floor and the tables were very dirty. They also didn't have many customers. No, I don't think I'll go back. Two strikes and you're out.

            1. re: Bagel Guy

              Cochrane has the best Fish and Chips

          2. Try the Haddock N' Hoof up on 17th Avenue. Their fish is excellent and portions are insanely large!

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            1. re: ureviewcalgary

              They've been gone for awhile now. Could be because they didn't really know their market, trying to be something they didn't know how to be (i.e., upscale). Sad. But Calgary really needs a good fish 'n chips place. The few we have are all so greasy and wrong now.

            2. BJ, If you are near Edmonton Tr, try the Halibut House ( ~11th Ave I think) The seafood isnt fantastic but their fish is great!

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                Try Oceana's (location at the non-existent La Caille restaurant) - it's pretty good from what I remember.

              2. I've tried Trawlers and it was pretty good but very expensive for what it is. Not huge portions of fish (you need two) and a mega-portion of chips/fries. I think it was 22 bucks for one cod and chips/fries and a two-cod and chips/fries. Most of the meal is the potatoes, but I guess cod has gotten more expensive these days. I'd go again, but not in a rush.