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Calgary Fish and Chips?

Can't seem to dredge anything up from the archives...any recommendations?

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  1. I like the fish at Trawlers, especially the Halibut. They are definitely on the expensive side, but it's the best i've found in town. They are located on 14th Street and 15th Avenue, next to Boyd's Seafood. The fries are ok, but typically hit and miss, as they're sometimes a bit undercooked and soggy. I had some terrible mussels there - which, next to a seafood shop, i found to be surprising, and a bit disgusting.

    Oh, i had a funky experience there with the ketchup as well - we think someone had poured beer into it. They use the opaque plastic squeeze bottles that have the same ketchup sitting in the bottom for who knows how long, so do a smell check first... they did recook our order though.

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      I ate at Trawlers last winter and rather enjoyed it. On a trip there last week, however, it was pretty disgusting. The cod was underwhelming, to say the least.

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        Have you tried The Lord Fin in Cochrane?

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          Fromt he places I've been Lord Fin is my fav also b/c the batter is just so light. I can actually enjoy a 2 piece meal.

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            FYI - The Lord Fin is now Schooners and is even better now! One piece of advice though - don't go when you're in a hurry. Service takes a while but it's always worth it!

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          I was informed by a person who works in the seafood shop that the restaurant is completely separate. And that Trawlers does not buy any seafood from them. Shocked the heck out of me, I always thought it was one place, like a deli where you can have a sandwich or just take meats home for later.

        3. I recall really enjoying the fish and chips at Boyd's on Macleod Trail S (5211), but that was maybe a couple of years ago.

          More recently, I had a pretty good meal at Billingsgate up in the Stadium Shopping Centre across the street from the Foothills Hospital. It's just a few tables on the side of their fish store, but the fish was fresh and cooked well. And I saw one of the bizarre Newfie flavours of Crush that they don't have out here -- Birch Beer, I think.

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            Two of us had fish and chips at Billingsgate (Stadium Shopping Centre) twice in the past 3 months, and both times we were very disappointed. The service at the counter was surly, to put it kindly; but we could live with that if the fish 'n chips were good. Sadly, the fish was extraordinarily greasy, and the chips were just mediocre at best. As well as this disappointment in fish 'n chips from a aplace where we expected better, the floor and the tables were very dirty. They also didn't have many customers. No, I don't think I'll go back. Two strikes and you're out.

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              Cochrane has the best Fish and Chips

          2. Try the Haddock N' Hoof up on 17th Avenue. Their fish is excellent and portions are insanely large!

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              They've been gone for awhile now. Could be because they didn't really know their market, trying to be something they didn't know how to be (i.e., upscale). Sad. But Calgary really needs a good fish 'n chips place. The few we have are all so greasy and wrong now.

            2. BJ, If you are near Edmonton Tr, try the Halibut House ( ~11th Ave I think) The seafood isnt fantastic but their fish is great!

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                Try Oceana's (location at the non-existent La Caille restaurant) - it's pretty good from what I remember.

              2. I've tried Trawlers and it was pretty good but very expensive for what it is. Not huge portions of fish (you need two) and a mega-portion of chips/fries. I think it was 22 bucks for one cod and chips/fries and a two-cod and chips/fries. Most of the meal is the potatoes, but I guess cod has gotten more expensive these days. I'd go again, but not in a rush.

                1. Seven Seas Seafood on Macleod Trail south, used to be a Joey's Only serves some very good fish and chips. They also serve Filippino food: I don't know much about this cuisine, but tried a couple of things off of the Filippino menu while friends had the fish and chips, and everyone was happy. Only a handful of tables, not much for atmosphere, but friendly, family-run place. I happened on this place by accident. The Sun did a review recently, the reviewer liked it, hopefully it will stay in business long enough for other people to stumble on it too. It deserves a chance.

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                    Oyster Bar Restaurant of Catch...not the upstairs formal Dining Room but the restaurant on the main level. Serves fish and chips from 11:30am to 10pm at night.

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                      I really liked the fish and chips at the Catch, and for the Catch i thought they were definetly reasonably priced. Catch always has good fresh seafood.

                  2. Oceana and Catch would be much better if they offered cod instead of haddock or halibut. I'll admit that when it comes to fish and chips, I am a cod bigot.

                    Anywhere good for cod and chips? (Trawlers was rather disappointing the last time that I went there.)

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                      I find Boyd's is the best right now, but even they are slipping a bit. The clam chowder isn't as good anymore.

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                        Too bad it's a pain in the rear to get to when you don't have a car.

                    2. A thought just occured to me. Friend's of mine really like Pelican Pier on 14th Street and McKnight, across from the police station. I was there once and the seafood itself was ok, but i've never had fish and chips there. Might be worth a try...

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                        We went to Pelican Pier and and I was disappointed. I found the coating on the fish weird.

                      2. Back in the day (maybe 15 years ago) there was a great British style chippie on memorial drive and 52 SE, called Captain Cooks, the fish and chips were served in yesterdays newspaper and the decor was hight glass marine grade ply, complete with sailer's rope. That was the only fish and chips I have had in this city that compares to the traditional UK style, which i love and miss!

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                          Oh man that brings back memories, I grew up a few blocks from Captain Cooks! Since living in the UK, I've tried fish and chips in many places (Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver) and have yet to hit a place that serves a clean flavorsome battered fish that compares to some of the places in the UK.

                          I tried Trawlers quite a few years ago and was not overly impressed but I may have to head back there and try it out again. Seven Seas sounds interesting too.

                        2. Captain's Fish & Chips (Brentwood Village Mall) has been around as long as I can remember. It has the absolutely best fish & chips anywhere in Alberta! It's truly a hole in the wall, and the decor and furniture is from another age (early 80's), but the quality and taste of the fish & chips is the very best I have ever tasted, including in Vancouver and Toronto. This little place, with lots of sit-down for eating in, is easy to miss. It's tucked away in the NE corner of Brentwood Village Mall, with a very hard-to-see sign. But if you haven't tried this place, you haven't lived yet. Everything on the menu is excellent, not at all greasy, and the service by the owner is very pleasant. Nothing beats this; not Trawler's, not Billingsgate, not Joey's, not Catch -- no one is as tasty as Captain's. I guess you could say I really like it.

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                            We used to go to this place a lot but I hadn't been for years until a couple of weeks ago. A large group had come in just before me and he was really busy which could explain why one side of my batter was still dough near the fish. At least it was hand battered! I could let that pass if the fries hadn't been the standard frozen kind..

                            I will try the fish again, if only for old time's sake, but it was discouraging.

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                              That's unfortunate, sharonanne. I've gone to Captain's often and never had a bad or even suspect experience. I must confess I'm surprised at the fries, since the standard there is fresh cut ... and they are oh so good!

                              1. re: Bagel Guy

                                Now you have me curious. I'll throw myself on the diet grenade and go back today. I had one of those combination meals and the oysters were also frozen. I do like a nicely fried oyster but freezing turns them into a whole different animal. Maybe the oyster disappointment and the uncooked batter cast a pall on the fries.

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                                  This is why I love this board!

                                  I went back to Captain's for lunch today and those are definitely fresh fries. My fish was cooked though there was the very slightest trace of raw batter on one. Better than overcooked. Last time must have been an exception. With so much choice places usually only have one chance to impress.

                                  I don't know that I'd try the oysters again but the fish is good. They even offer a choice of cod, halibut or haddock. This and a diet Pepsi is what $12 will buy you:

                                  I always thought that people who took pictures of their food were weird.

                                  1. re: sharonanne

                                    Went to Captain's for dinner recently (after finally finding it!), and sorry but NO, it's not good at all. Friendly staff, but a little too much in your face. The fish isn't bad, but not anything to cry home about. The portion of fish was tiny, the fries covered 3/4 of the meal, and to top it off, the guy TEACHES me how to eat F&C?! Uh, no, I've had F&C in London (travelled all the way to Notting Hill from East London to a chip shop that's been open since the 1960's) and you're trying to teach me how to eat your average fish? For the price, it's expensive for what you get.

                                    1. re: MeXx

                                      I think you'll see from what I write that my experiences there have varied greatly so I'm guessing consistency is an issue.

                                      Last time we were there he was like that too, Telling us something about putting salt on or not. Before he totally ignored us.

                                      Your order didn't look like the picture I posted? I definitely had more fish than fries. If not, then more evidence of inconsistency. I also posted the price, sorry if you missed reading that.

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                                        Price isn't a big problem per se, it's more that for that price, I could get something at a pub that honestly tastes about the same to me, but a bigger portion. I don't mind paying extra so long as I believe it's worth it, which in this case I think it wasn't.

                                      2. re: MeXx

                                        Yup, he has been quite inconsistent lately; so much so that I just don't go there as much any more. Fish is good (and usually there's plenty); fries are usually good; but sometimes it's better than other times ... sometimes not. Maybe he has just been there too long and it's time to pass the deep fryer to someone else.

                                2. re: Bagel Guy

                                  Mmm, it's been a long time since I've seen that place. I thought it had disappeared during the Brentwood renovations years ago. My interest is perked up, I might have to make a detour to try it out :)

                                  On a side note, had anyone tried out Captain Scotts Fish & Chips in Castleridge? Haven't heard anything about it yet.

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                                    I used to go to Captain Scott's often. It was one of our favorite places to go. The fish served was nice and big and the fries are fresh. It is similar to Captain's but bigger fish portion and cooked just right! It changed hands a couple of years back. The food was still good. I haven't been back in over a year due to diet change.

                                  2. re: Bagel Guy

                                    So weird- something called me to have lunch there today and I have not been for a good 2 years even tho I work at U of C. Anyway, I got the 2-piece with fries and it was VERY good. Fries were just so... POTATO-Y. Really great. The fish was actually pretty resplendent, two fat pieces, and I made a point of thanking the guy afterwards. Sadly I was the only one in the joint but still, I'll try to make there more often.

                                    1. re: John Manzo

                                      I, too, went back there the other day with "L" and "J" ... it's a strange call when the Universe says "go and have fish 'n chips at Captains", a call we can't refuse. In any event, it was delightful. All of us had the halibut and chips, and it could not get any better. We all said thank you and left him a nice tip. The fellow who owns it was so grateful and polite, it's always a pleasure to go here.

                                      1. re: Bagel Guy

                                        lovely story- one thing: I came to fish and chips from eating "fish fry" in Wisconsin, which is served on plates and family platters, always with fries and cole slaw, and always whole bowls of tartar sauce. Is this (the tartar sauce part) not how "British" fish and chips are consumed? I see vinegar on all the tables and got a big squeeze bottle of ketchup for fries, but when asked for tartar sauce I just got this rather nasty stuff in little packets.

                                        1. re: John Manzo

                                          British Fish n Chips are almost always served with a generous dollop of mushy peas - impossible to find in restaurants over here. Happily us Brits can find them at Superstore as dried marrowfat peas which need to be soaked & then cooked for a long time to get the right texture - or in the Bachelors Tinned Mushy Peas variety (also at British shops dotted around town). Cod/Haddock, chips, mushy peas, salt, Sarsons Malt vinegar & Heinz Tomato Ketchup = heaven!!

                                          Don't get me started on pickled onions......

                                            1. re: graemejw

                                              joeys has mushy peas,i havent tried them so i dont know how good they are.

                                              1. re: graemejw

                                                sea. in McKenzie Towne also serves mushy peas.
                                                If you're down that way there is also th new British Candy Shop on High Street, they sell various pantry goods as well.

                                      2. On Living Calgary (CBC) today (Monday), they did the show from a restaurant called Red Sea Fish and Chips (2 - 4105 4 Street NW) - should be the strip mall just north of the cemetery. They said they did a Newfoundland-style fish and chips.
                                        You can see the segment (at the beginning of the show): http://www.cbc.ca/livingcalgary/index...
                                        It should be posted sometime later today - the show just finished.

                                        1. Big Fish on Edmonton Trail has Wild Rose Brown beer battered Pickerel and chips. Unfortunately served for lunch only. Pretty fab. The batter tastes like beer and super crispy.

                                          1. Now I haven't refined my palate with a trip across the pond, but I've tried a lot of fish and chips in Calgary, and I hate to admit it, but I haven't found better than Joey's. Love the tartar sauce there. Okay, it seems like just extra tangy mayo, but it tastes great on the fries, too, and i prefer it to the ubiquitous 'green relish mixed with miracle whip'. Tried Seven Seas, and the fish portions seemed straight out of Highliner's box. It seems like they only do fish there cuz they didn't change one square inch of the decor since it was a Joey's and you'd kind of expect fish and chips on the menu if you walked in. They should really concentrate on the Filipino fare if that's their forte. I'm going to have to try this Captain's place in Brentwood after reading this thread, though.

                                            1. Boyd's on Macleod and 50th is really good, I like it better than Joey's. Frozen fries, unfortunately, but decent, and good tartar sauce. It's available in cod, sole, haddock as well, but I've only had the halibut. It's really good, come with fries and (mediocre) coleslaw. I don't know about it being hard to get to if you don't drive, there's a bus that goes down Macleod, as well as the LRT line (OK I'll admit I've never actually taken transit to there).

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                                                To get to 50th and McL on the 201 you'd have to get off at 39th ave and walk south 11 blocks or get off at Chinook and walk north about the same distance- fortunately the distance between avenues is short; unfortunately McL is a horrible place to be a pedestrian.

                                                1. re: John Manzo

                                                  i'd take the #3 on elbow from either north or south to the 50th ave. area and head east... it's a shorter, quieter, and much safer walk... will have to try boyd's as well; i never thought of it as a 'chippie' as it were, more of a serious seafood restaurant... i find those places tend to dismiss battered fish and chips as 'fast food' and if they have it at all it's an afterthought and tastes like it... i'd love to be pleasantly surprised...

                                              2. What about Billingsgate Fish on 16th Ave NW near the Foothills Hospital? They opened up a take out fish and chips in their location there. Fries were fresh too. Haven't been in a while so I'd call first.

                                                1. I love the Halibut House on 9th Ave (I think) and Edmonton Trail... just on the corner. I love that I can get two pieces of halibut and chips for under $15.00... hard to do these days. They use real fish, light batter and fresh cut potatoes for their fries. All made to order and stuff. Some people tell me that it's a hit or miss but it's been a hit for me every time. I like that their homemade tartar sauce is a little sweeter than some I have tried...
                                                  Trawlers is good too but I think price wise I like the Halibut House. I go there for lunch and it's quick kind of like a fast food joint

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                                                    Unfortunately Halibut House was a miss for me. I agree their prices are very reasonable. The fries were fresh cut and pretty good. But the fish was a total miss. I had a two piece of halibut and chips and one of the pieces of halibut tasted pretty fishy. Boyd's on Macleod is still my favourite in Calgary for halibut and chips. Of course, they are a lot more expensive though. Captain's at Brentwood Village Mall is not as good as Boyd's but definitely better than Halibut House for halibut and chips.

                                                    1. re: miss.foodie

                                                      We had lunch at Red Door Bistro last week and the fish and chips was fantastic. Miles better than something like Joey's Only, Boyds or Halibut House. It is a real restaurant with a chef after all. It was a house made tartare sauce with loads of big chunks of caper, pickle, boiled egg and generous fresh herbs. The chips fresh from potatoes and tasted of potato, not dirty fryer. The Halibut was moist and coated with a light, very crispy Beck's beers batter and a couple chunks of the ever popular Fleur de Sal. A nice touch that worked. My partner had a beer made on site.

                                                      I wasn't expecting much, but was totallly pleased. The waiter said that they've been changing the concept and menu lately. I'll be going back.

                                                      1. re: sueflay

                                                        yum-o... what's the price?

                                                        It's not fish and chips as such but the tempura tuna don I got tonight at Oishii Village is one lip-smacking dish of fried fish- huge order is just $10.25. Probably the single best dish I've had there. Temura broc on the side is very nice too.

                                                        1. re: John Manzo

                                                          Price? Is that important? ;-) $12-$15 I think. Where'sOhishi Village?

                                                  2. Once in a blue moon I ignore my expanded belly and need to satisfy my cravings for good fish and chips. Fortunately there is the Chowder House Seafood Restaurant (609-1st Street SW) a block away from my office in Petro Canada. Two times in a row I have been served excellent fish and chips by friendly, attentive staff. The batter is crispy crunchy good and the chips don’t taste of fish…which tells me they’re operating different fryers…thank the heavens. There’s also a nice selection of different types of fish you may choose from for your battered pleasure. The other dishes I have seen served around me on my trips here have also looked good as well. If you go for lunch you'll need a reservation.

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                                                    1. re: ureviewcalgary

                                                      It's only open for lunch, M-F, so I guess you'd need a reso any time.

                                                      OT but must add how much I HATE DT storefront places that have hours like this. I know that they exist in every city, but if a place is ONLY open M-F lunch, they should be buried in a plus-15 somewhere. Seeing the Touch of Ginger (by the Uptown Theatre) closed and dark on the weekends of the CIFF was like a slap in the face.

                                                      Please, no "Calgary sucks" rejoinders here, this sort of thing happens in every city (incl in Manhattan and absolutely in Toronto's CBD as I discovered first-hand) and it's always an ugly thing.

                                                      1. re: John Manzo

                                                        John, these people are living the dream...work 'til noon and go home, lol ;)

                                                        1. re: Major_9000

                                                          At Chowder House they work from 11 until 2... I just can't see being open for dinner SOME days, I mean the menu is very much a "dinner" menu if you google it.

                                                          ANYway, if I'm DT for lunch after 1 I might give this place a try.

                                                          1. re: John Manzo

                                                            Trawlers used to be great but I think they changed hands. I use to love the place in Deerfoot Mall. Don't remember the name.

                                                            1. re: Busted Flat in Marda Loop

                                                              I don't remember the name either, but they're very inconsistent
                                                              Sometimes it's juicy on the inside, and nice and crunchy on the outside with crispy golden fries... and other times, it's a soggy, oily mess with pale, flaccid fries.
                                                              And the last time I went, the tartar sauce was extremely watered down.

                                                              1. re: Strider

                                                                The fish & chips place at Deerfoot Mall is afaik "British Fish & Chips" unless it's changed hands recently. :)

                                                    2. the house and hound in inglewood has some pretty good fish and chips...halibut and a good batter.