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Jun 15, 2007 01:17 AM


WAS AT FRAICHE AT 6PM tonight. I had been there 3 times. I requested a table not near the service area, since they were FAR from being busy, i thought it wasn't such a huge request. the fat, euro looking host/ wanna-be maitre-d said to me that if i didn't want the table he was 'giving" me, i could "take it or leave it"...I waited for my date to decide. I was fuming. I wasn't asking for the world, just a table we could sit at for an hour or so. NO GO. My date insisted we stay, so I followed their lead. My beet salad was very good, then lost my appetite when the surrounding traffic (table) became unbearable. My date decided to just leave after i informed them of the fat guy's rude commentary. The waiter offered his apologies. He finally moved us to another table. An area I originally asked for and STILL was not occupied (and continued to be opened even after we left!) We ordered the special fish, it was delivered incomplete. Server NEVER came by to ask to see how our food was. Nobody cared. The 2 guests next to us waited for olive oil and balsamic v. for a long time after they requested from the waiter. They ordered the same fish special, only theirs had something more on top that ours did not. Felt so shafted. When I asked the waiter (he says that he just started 2 weeks ago) why the difference, he was patronizing with a "tough jvdsifvubnifvu" attitude only found in Los Angeles. It seemed as though the MAGIC TOUCH WAS DIMINISHING BEFORE OUR VERY EYES. Service fell apart. Server FINALLY came over with dessert menus. 4 minutes later he came by with the check. I was furious.
maybe we might want the chese plate, or perhaps a dessert???!!! What the hell? I have gotten better service at Norm's! We will never return to this dream place that is not worth the time. I must say the fish was very good. If only the Kitchen staff taught the inexperienced, immature front-of-the-house how to function.....then we might get some mileage from this place. But I don't think so.

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  1. Well, FOH is easier to fix than the back, so hopefully they get their act straightened out before my reservation tonight at 8:30 :D (unlikely, I know, but hey wishful thinking).

    When you say the special fish was delivered incomplete, what do you mean?

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      The fish was supposed to have fried artichoke chips. Ours did not. I am curious to hear about your meal. I think the service is much better inside than out. I hope you luck out. I am sure you will like the food.

    2. OMG! We almost had dinner there last night but they weren't open yet (5:20pm) and Kar didn't want to hang around and wait. I was on my way to Valentino for a Wine dinner and didn't have a lot of time to blow plus there was a icy feeling from the Staff. No one came over and offered some assistance if we were to wait the 10 mins till they opened? Deja Vu? I've always been concerned about Fraiche knowing some of the Staff which came from other Restaurants which were not very impressive in the past.
      Anyway we went around the corner and Kar order some Chicken Tacos and was happy , dropped me off at Valentino's , sounds like we dodged the bullet?

      1. That's too bad. We've been once so far and had pretty good service and we liked the food a lot. We're taking the folks on Sunday for Father's Day so I hope the restaurant has its act together - at least it will be an interesting test.

        1. That's very disappointing to hear. 4 of us went last Friday night and I was a little worried about the service from the maitre'd and staff, but those fears immediately vanished once we arrived for our 8:30pm rez.

          Not to excuse the service you experienced, but keep in mind Fraiche is new and they've recently started lunch services in addition to dinner. As with any new place in this city, finding competent waitstaff and training can be challenging.

          From our experince, we hit the jackpot with a great server (I think her name was Nicole) who was very attentive and schooled on the menu; plus, the food was outstanding. I'm going back...

          1. Always good service at Norm's -- at least the one at Lincoln and Colorado in SM. You might not want to order the "fish special," though, as it probably involved canned tuna.