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Jun 14, 2007 10:44 PM

Italian Rice Balls- Where to buy?

Does anybody know where you can buy good Italian Rice Balls in the Bay Area?

Description: A dry mixture of different meats, cheese, herbs, spices and rice, the balls are deep fried and served piping hot.

Trying to recreate memories from Italy.

Didn't know what they were called until I saw an episode on Food Network (Road Tasted, New York episode). Guess they are just called Rice Balls!

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  1. I think you mean the Scicilian arancini (little oranges). US Restaurant serves them, but not well. The most fabulous ones I've ever had were from Nancy Oakes at Boulevard. They're often available cold, and not worth eating, from Italian Delicatessens.

    1. Berkeley Bowl deli counter has arancini, although it's a vegetarian version. I think they're quite tasty but since I've never had them anywhere else, I don't have any basis for comparison.

      1. AG Ferrari (Castro near 18th, across from Laurel Village) has arancini.

          1. Palermo Deli in North Beach has good arancini. I occasionally walk there for lunch, get a rice ball and sit in the park and eat it, then grab a gelato at Naia or some trufflex at XOX afterward.