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Jun 14, 2007 10:01 PM

where to buy asian-style bowls?

can anyone suggest where i can find asian (preferably japanese-style) bowls for cheap. i know super 88 has things, but are there markets in chinatown that specialize in this kind of stuff?


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  1. they have them in the kam man shopping center. They are located in the huge market (to the left of the entrance). You can get all kinds of bowls, cups, chopsticks, and they even have japanese cookingware like a pan for making tamago

    1. I think Super88's the best bet - there's even a super88 by chinatown! I get those things for like $1/piece.

      1. China Fair on Mass Avenue in North Cambridge (just outside Porter Square) is WONDERFUL!!!!

        1. cmart in chinatown. doesn't specialize though. pretty much same selection as super 88

          1. in porter exchange in cambridge there's a small store that sells japanese items. i got some great donburi bowls in there a few months back.