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Jun 14, 2007 09:48 PM

Bistro Verdu

Revisit if you haven't been lately and go if you've never been.

Really delightful and delicious! Sat outside (only two tables) and arrived just b4 6p to take advantage of their 1/2 price tapas. Ordered several to share with my dining companion and we shared one meal, the roasted 1/2 chicken. Though we sat on the street, it's a quiet, peaceful environment. Great service, no rushing, very relaxing and delectable. The manager even came outside and offered us a glass of wine on the house and asked how our meal was. Now this is a place I don't mind spending my money. Quite reasonable, 4 tapas, a shared dinner, ice teas, fresh fruit parfait and a coffee - 35$. The clams were exceptionable!!!

Bon Appetit


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  1. I have not been in years but your post is making me consider revisiting it. Do you know what the corkage is these days? That has been the deciding factor when choosing many dinners of late.

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    1. re: meganinlosfeliz

      their corkage is still only $5, on Tues they offer half-off certain bottles of wine - and like Kitchen Queen said, they have great tapas for only $5 from 5-6. They really are a great deal! Does anyone know if they're doing brunch? I vaguely recall them saying that it was going to start a month or so ago, but we called last Sunday and there was no response...

      1. re: patz

        Lunch is not an option at this time, per their website.

        1. re: patz

          No brunch unfortunately. But on Sunday they do a country menu prix fixe which is great. Dinner service starts at 5:00pm. And since last year a great wine shop opened next door. Nice selection of boutique wines, mostly imports, at good prices. So the $5 corkage is perfect for buying a bottle and walking next door. Overall a great little vibe up there now.
          Wine shop address:

          1. re: sebi

            I don't drink alcohol so, wouldn't concern myself about corkage however, they have a really funky ice tea - it tastes like an oolong or ? Anyway, went just fine with the yummy food! Can't wait to go again.

            1. re: Kitchen Queen

              I just got word that Bistro Verdu will be closing as of tomorrow. Here's an email they sent me today:

              Hello again from bistro verdu, June 23, 2007
              we have good news and sad news to tell you all.

              good news- coming soon from bistro verdu.
              Later this summer we will be opening our new retail/take out food shop, Ingredients. Location is 1 block north on Verdugo in Montrose.
              We will offer a selection of artisan foods both domestic and imported, including a large selection of cheeses, spices from around the globe
              and prepared small bites.
              Details to follow.

              sad news - bistro verdu is closing
              This weekend marks the 'end for now' of Bistro Verdu.
              We are so thankful for all of our loyal customers and friends who have been dining here for almost 4 years now. We have had a great time getting to know all of you and we are thankful for your business and support.
              As many of you know, we are working on a new location
              and hope to have news soon. Our last dinner service will be Sunday, June 24.

              Join the staff Sunday night for 'goodbye for now' drinks 8pm to ?

              We will keep you updated on our progress with a new location for Bistro Verdu, meanwhile feel free to visit at the retail shop, any unused Bistro Verdu gift certificates will honored at the store.

              As for, what's next in this location, it was personally very important who I sold the restaurant to. I wanted to make sure the next owners were going to open an interesting restaurant that seviced the area well by offering
              creative, fresh and inspired cuisine and in keeping with the neighborhood feel
              that Bistro Verdu enjoyed for the last 4 years.
              Plus Jennifer and I live in this neighborhood and need a place to eat!

              The new owner, Nadav Bashan, (an accomplished chef formerly of Providence and Michael's), and his family will completely makeover the space and create a new and updated bistro style restaurant focusing on simply prepared, high quality ingredients paired with warm neighborhood service.
              They plan to open in the coming months. More details soon.

              Thanks again and I hope to see you all soon.
              send email to:

                1. re: risottoman

                  I got the same email :( sad but, I will check out their take out.

                  I went tonight to Abuelita's in Topanga Canyon. The same experience although far better meal at Bistro Verdu. Abuelita's was sold and the new owners will resurface in September!

                  1. re: Kitchen Queen

                    Last Night's "Last Night" at Bistro Verdu was a wonderful evening, lots of familiar faces and all kinds of tastey treats...
                    It was fun to see one of our favorite people enjoying his meal with his S.O. instead of running around waiting on everyone.
                    It was a relaxed eveing sitting at the bar with my man and two of our friends who were able to make it at the last minute.
                    Everyone at Bistro Verdu has always gone out of the way to make their guests feel welcome and it was just as great on this last evenig.
                    I wish them well and will miss the place so much...

                    1. re: tatertotsrock

                      Enjoyed my first 2 meals at BASHAN on Sunday...yes, 2 meals. I had just flown back in from San Fran (on a mission to enjoy the tasting menu at AMW-damn, it was good!!!) on Sunday and I was hungry...did a drive by to look to see if they were open...yes, they were. Had some mussles. Came back with RIck so he could have dinner and pretty much wrestled him for most of his food.
                      Oysters, adorable and delicious. Yes, I'm a girl, I like "cute food" but it's gotta taste good too. The steak was AMAZING. and ooh, that Bread Pudding.
                      I will be having dinner there tonight again.

                      1. re: tatertotsrock

                        Meeting my friend for dinner on Thurs. He's in pasadena. I'm in Encino- Bashan sounds like a winner to me!!! Thanks for the update -
                        And, meet me there sometime! We can share a girls dinner date!! ?? :)

                        1. re: tatertotsrock

                          the few times i've walked by and peeked at the menu while they were working on the place, the prices seem higher than Bistro Verdu - was this the case?

                          1. re: patz

                            Went again for dinner last night. Another great meal.
                            Yes, the prices appear higher, however, they are not small "tapas style" plates.
                            I ordered the Heirloom tomato salad with burratta cheese...yes, a lot of places are doing this now a days but this one takes the cake. It was deliciuos. The tomatos were HUGE (I could have used two of the rounds as a life raft-but would drown quickly for not being able to resist eating them) and their flavor was intesnse yet refreshing..they do this tomato water shot to dress the salad and I could just drink this all day!
                            I also had the SWEETBREADS!!! The only other place that does them better is L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. This preparation was perfect! Two fluffy/crispy nuggest of flavor sitting w/2 tufts of frisse and a soft-set quail egg...mmmm.
                            Again, welcoming service. The room is fantastic.
                            Yes, I did love the small plates at Verdu since I'm usually dining alone, but hopefully when they get in to the swing of things (they haven't even been open for a week yet) they will be willing to do a tasting menu...yippee.
                            The quality is still top drawer and the service is still attentive and relaxed.

                          2. re: tatertotsrock

                            While prices are not shown, here is a summer of 2007 menu for Bashan:

                            Is this the current menu tatertotsrock?

                            1. re: carter

                              Hi carter,
                              Yup, that's the menu...I've got the menu right are the prices:
                              salad: 8
                              oysters: 15
                              mussels: 13
                              ravioli: 12
                              sweetbreads: 15

                              halibut: 26
                              snapper: 24
                              trout: 23
                              chicken: 21
                              steak: 29

                              cheese: 11
                              bread pudding: 7
                              pannacotta: 7

                              So far, worth every penny.

                              1. re: tatertotsrock

                                wow, looks like an excellent concept! Quite a find, especially considering the area. I'll have to check it out one day, hopefully a large publication will pick it up.