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Jun 14, 2007 08:33 PM

Anniversary Dinner In West LA/SaMo Area

We are celebrating an anniversary dinner, and staying at a hotel near the beach in Santa Monica. We enjoy top notch Italian or great seafood, or even a spectacular steak. Any suggestions? Price is no object.

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  1. Capo is top-notch Italian and very close to where you're staying. The Penthouse, Whist and Catch are all very close and very nice.

    1. Second the opinion regarding Capo. Great Italian food, great potential star sightings (I know, so "un-Houndish", but you gotta admit, sitting next to Steven Spielberg who was dining with Tom Hanks is kinda cool).

      1. Vincenti (great Italian on San Vicente)
        Valentino (Italian on PIco)
        Peppone (old school Italian in Brentwood)
        Melisse (French on Wilshire at 11th)
        The Penthouse
        Cut (for the steak)

        1. abode (french/steak)
          josie (french/californian - rising star restaurant)
          valentino (italian - old school, consistent, pricey, but authentic and atmosphere)

          1. An anniversary dinner for me in that area, I'm looking at Michael's on 3rd just west of the Promenade. With the weather warming up, that patio will be great at night.


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              Just Say no to Michael's. Our experience there is May was so disappointing; nothing like my good memories.

              Melisse is fantastic - especially the tasting menus. Josie's is also wonderful.