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Jun 14, 2007 08:12 PM

Best of Amsterdam

I'll be in Amsterdam for three days, and I'm looking for good food -- especially local specialties and local places. I'm happy with high-end, street food, and everything in between, and there's nothing I won't eat. I'm combing this board for suggestions, but since the search doesn't return things in order it's cumbersome to look for more recent recs.

I also love to check out local markets, so if you have any recs there, let me know.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I was last in Amsterdam years ago so I guess it could have gone down hill, but Little Thai Prince on the Zeedijk was probably the best thai food I have ever had....especially if you like "atomic" spicy.


    1. I compiled a huge tip sheet for amsterdam back in Jan because i'll be going there soon as well. Lots of good recs from the board here all compiled into one post! Print and take w/ you:

      1. I've eaten at some amazing food recently and the following restaurants and caf├ęs:

        Quattro Gatti
        De Kas

        check out my blog for a post on one of my favorite shopping trails:

        plus my reply to another such post in May:

        also check for my upcoming guest spot on, where I'll be doing a gastronomic snapshot of Amsterdam.

        eet smaakelijk!

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          We loved Zuid Zeeland for an upscale-ish spot. Also De Witte Uyl.