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Court duty, S.M., where to eat?

Have to be in Santa Monica Superior court for several days. The Court website lists "vending machines" on the 2nd floor. Any options nearby for a quick, healthy lunch within walking distance of the courthouse?

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    1. You gonna walk or drive? Lots of Main St. restaurants.
      World Cafe
      Urth Caffe
      Wildflour Pizza
      The Galley
      Counter (on Ocean Park if you drive...)
      Library Alehouse
      Vecchia Cucina

      1. Nothing is going to be a real easy walk. Broadway Deli is the closest of your health conscious options. They've got some nice $12 salads for you. A little further east is Real Food Daily, about a 15 minute walk on Santa Monica Blvd at 5th Street. And, if you want to take healthy to a new level, Juliano's Raw is 6th and Broadway.

        I think the easiest place to get to is probably Chez Jay on Ocean Ave, and while the food may be cheerful and cheap, it's not all that healthy.

        1. Delicious Jamaican jerk chicken at Cha Cha Chicken at Pico and Ocean is an easy walk from the courthouse. You may also want to try the hotels in the area: Viceroy, Loews, Shutters, Casa del Mar, etc.

          1. There's a pretty good Oaxacan restaurant on Pico, just south of the Civic Auditorium (which is just south of the courthouse). It ain't Monte Alban, but it ain't bad, and it's maybe a 5-minute walk. I also second Cha Cha, particularly if the weather is nice -- since seating there is all outside.

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            1. Cora's on Ocean is not too far, nor are the hotels listed in the above post; you can also walk pretty easily across the bridge to the Mall/Promenade

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                I forgot about Cora's. Also there's Il Fornaio on Colorado and Ocean, and a few doors down from there is Abode. The food court in the mall scares me.

              2. You could walk for 10 minutes south down Main Street and eat at Urth Cafe. There is a pizza place across the street from Urth Cafe, as well.

                1. If you're on Jury Duty, you'll get a 2 hour lunch (this is where I've served several times), so you can walk to anywhere on the Promenade, or anywhere on Main Street

                  There are many choices, but I usually go to Jinky's on 2nd, or down to Urth on Main. There's a great Mexican place on Pico near Vidiots, also very close.

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                    The "great Mexican place on Pico" is the Oaxacan place I referred to above.

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                      Yet neither of us know the name...

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                        I believe it's El Texate.

                        There is also a reasonably good and reasonably priced sushi/Japanese place called Yuni sushi on Lincoln and Bay street which is walkable (especially for a two hour lunch). It's not blow your mind sushi, but it's good and the lunch specials are a good value (about $12), and service is efficient.

                        I also like Ninjin on 6th and Colorado, for sushi/japanese lunch specials. But it's a little more uneven. Some days fantastic, other days not so much. And service can be a little slow. It's next door to Fritto Misto as well.