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Jun 14, 2007 07:53 PM

Red snapper, black beans and... ?

I'm making the roasted red snapper with cherry tomato salsa recipe from Epicurious for dinner tomorrow night. On the side, I'll be serving black beans I'll cook with a little garlic and lime.

Any ideas for a vegetable and also nibbles while dinner is cooking? Cheese and crackers doesn't seem right. I need some snacks that will go with the feel of the rest of the meal...

Oh, and here's the fish recipe -- It's easy and super-tasty:

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  1. What about homemade guacamole and some quality tortilla chips for nibbles?

    For veggies, what about grilled asparagus, if it's in season in your area, or some lightly sautéed spinach?

    1. How about snap peas sauteed w/garlic. Or maybe bok-choy with citrus sauce. You could also do roasted or braised fennel.

      1. Live anywhere near a field of sweet corn? Oooh how I miss it. That's for dinner. Nibbles - perhaps fancy olives?

        1. how about steamed artichokes with an avocado dipping sauce for a nibble?

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            I've never thought about artichokes with avocado! Do you have a recipe for the sauce to share?

            1. re: sweetnspicy

              I kind of wing it with what's in the fridge. Usually an avocado, lemon or lime juice, sour cream or mayo in approximately equal portion to avocado, S&P, and then take a taste. If it needs a little sweetness for balance, I'll add a bit of honey or orange marmelade.

              1. re: weezycom

                It occurred to me that I've made that avocado dip for spicy foods, so it may be bland for an artichoke. It could easily be spiced up with a dash of cayenne, a little fresh cilantro and/or a shake of cumin.

          2. I was thinking spinach as well, lightly sauteed perhaps with a little garlic. Not vegetables, but basmati or brown rice sounds good too...

            Nibble on some nuts -- pistachio, pecans -- but they're filling so go lightly. Hey - how about some toasted pine nuts on the spinach or rice?