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Jun 14, 2007 07:22 PM

Roomba New Haven is closing

Did you all hear that Roomba is closing? I believe their last service is Father's Day. Something about a landlord/tenant dispute with Yale--sounds ugly.

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  1. According to a N.H. Register article a couple of days ago, the owners may continue Roomba's Latin menu in the basement dining area of their adjacent restaurant, Bespoke.

    1. Sigh. This is what happens when I take a break from lurking on Chowhound. I get blind-sided by horrific news such as this! Well, I will take comfort in knowing that I have had my share of fabulous meals there, primarily my indulgence in their semi-freddo.

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        has anyone confirmed that they have closed yet? I have a $100 gift card that I'd like to still use, if possible :(

        1. re: hipster315

          I ate at Roomba on Friday night. Not sure whether Father's Day was the official last day, but I do know that their lease expires June 30th. Apparently all the chefs will be staying on at the restaurant below Bespoke.

          Apparently the dispute with Yale is the result of a temper tantrum in which both parties claimed to own the alleyway next to the restaurant and yanked each other into litigation. Refusing to renew the lease is the university's oh-so-clever tactic to get Roomba to capitulate.

          1. re: norumbegan

            I ate there with my son on Suday a nice father's day dinner. There was a sign saying they would reopen below bespoke

      2. I have to say that I never really cottoned to Roomba. We went there once, had perfectly good food but nothing to get into a lather about, and were treated fairly shabbily. (The SO had explained that it was our anniversary, but somehow they lost the reservation and ended up sticking us at a table right next to the kitchen, with no apologies or compensation.) It's not good for New Haven when Yale's a bully as a landlord, but there'll be no tears shed for Roomba in my house.

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          The latest update:
          I saw Franco (the chef/owner) yesterday and while there are obviously some very bad feelings as to the closing, he is moving forward. Roomba-style food will now be served in the basement level of bespoke. The new venue will be called Sabor (not Roomba!). His initial plans called for a lounge in that space, but now, in lieu of that, he has opened a rooftop bar on the building.
          Concurrently, he is about to open a taco stand (well...a glorified taco stand!) on Crown St. in the LoRicco Tower building.
          As for the tripster's comments, I think that any restaurant will suffer lapses in manners, and I know that at times, Roomba got very busy and staff more than a bit stressed. I can only tell you that for the past several years, we were never treated with anything less than the most professional, courteous service.