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Jun 14, 2007 06:57 PM

Long-shot: What happened to Harvey's BBQ House

Okay, my husband has been waxing poetic for years about a little restaurant in Marietta, PA by the name refernced above. He has tried calling the number but has gotten no answer. We're guessing that it is no more, but if anyone has ever heard of this place, do you know what became of it? Did it just close? Re-open elsewhere? I've never been myself, but if it's still around I'm intrigued. Thanks!

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  1. Harvey's BBQ Restaurant closed about three years after it opened. It now operates as a catering business. Harvey's food can also be purchased at Simplee Seafood in Mt. Joy, PA. In addition, Harvey's serves food at the Elizabethtown Fair every year during the third week of August. His sauce will also be available for purchase within the coming months. If you are interested in contacting Harvey's BBQ call 717-449-0656 or 717-426-5028. Ask for Harvey!

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      Thanks for the info! Finally the mystery has been solved. Hmmm... bbq at the fair - might be worthwhile to make that trip.

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        Harvey now has a website with more complete info!

        Check it out:

    2. I have got to say...Harveys is worth the trip. I have followed him to the Etown Fair, New Holland fair and even the Hershey car show. You can even find him doing fund raisers throughout the I have been to is the Pig Iron Fest in Marietta PA. There are times when you are just out on a drive and there will be a sign..."harveys bar-b-que" fund raiser for whatever...I am there!!! Harveys is always a tasty treat and at this point...I call myself a HARVETTE!!!!

      1. Harvey will be opening a new restaurant in July of 2011 in Mount Joy. It will be across the street and down 1/4 block from Mosby's on Main St. OH HAPPY DAY!

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          I know! I've been following them on facebook and enjoying all the pictures of the remodeling with great anticipation! Very exciting!!