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Jun 14, 2007 06:51 PM

dining in Cabo

I am going to Cabo with some friends later in the month. I read many of the recents posts about restaurants. Here is what I came up with

Mi Casa
Nick SAn
Pitahayas (I am staying at the shearaton)

That is about it....any other choices? I read mixed things about Ediths. I am fine with spending money on food...but it has to be good. I also do not like the touristy places either.
Should I make reservations now? OR wait until I get to the hotel and have them do it. I am worried that I will not get a table!
thanks so much!

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  1. make all your reservations now - do NOT wait until you get there - Edith's is go, all the hype is worth it - also hit The Shrimp House - excellent shrimp by the kilo (*get boiled not fried)... go to Baan Thai in San Jose Del Cabo, excellent - AVOID Pancho's other than for Tequila - its food stinks - Pitahayas is amazing - Mi Casa is best Mexican - go to Mama's for Breakfast (Stuffed French Toast and Coconut Orange Juice)

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      thank you...I already made my resrvations via the internet. I got Mi casa already. I will change panchos to ediths. and I will try mamas for breakfast
      thanks for the tips!