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Jun 14, 2007 06:36 PM

Saturday Morning Breakfast

I am on my own Saturday and so thought I would go for a bike ride and end up at some little place I have never tried before for a long lazy healthy breaky with just me and the Saturday Star. I will be in the East end....Danforth, Leslieville, etc. Am willing to go as far south as the lake, east to Woodbine, west to Yonge, north to Danforth. Any really good recommendations?

Thanks Hounds

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  1. Try the patio at 3's Company, Danforth and Lamb.
    I've heard good things about brunch at 10 Feet Tall, although I think they're open later rather than earlier.
    Pomegranate is great, but further East than your parameters.
    If you can snag a patio spot at Bonjour Brioche, it would be enjoyable but possibly rushed.
    Konditor or Zane's on Queen just West of Woodbine are nice places, although the latter only has pastries... not really the healthiest choice, and not a 'meal'.
    The last time I had brunch at Murphy's Law was after a 30k run. I sat on the patio all afternoon with the paper and had a surprisingly great brunch. Good luck!

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      Someplace with a patio is probably better for ambience on a lazy morning, but Pulp Kitchen ( fits the bill on the food front. I adore their oatmeal with carmelized banana, but they have lots of other healthy choices and I haven't had anything that wasn't tasty. Be sure to have one of their fresh juice combos or a smoothie, too. Just the thing on a warm summer morning.

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        I recommend Dark Horse Cafe at Queen and Broadview. It isn't necessarily a brunch spot. They have great coffees and pastries - date squares, muffins, scones. But they have a huge communal harvest table with tons of newspapers.

      2. I haven't had the brunch at Relish yet, but I've enjoyed every dinner. North side of Danforth one block east of Woodbine. Don't let the 'bar & grill' put you off. It's a nice little neighbourhood place. Large windows run down the front and side so it's quite sunny too.

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          Relish isn't open for brunch on Saturday.
          Ten Feet Tall is meh, I wouldn't make a trip east just for it. I suspect when we no longer need their change table and high chairs we won't be going there much but for now it's the best change table in a restaurant I've come across.
          3's Company has a nice selection and a wee little patio on the side of the building.
          The Terminal is a greasy spoon at Coxwell and Danforth with a lot of character - I'm not sure what you mean by healthy - they have a fruit bowl ;)

        2. Thanks everyone for your wonderful suggestions. I will keep them on hand as I love trying out new places. I think I am going to go to Le Cafe Vert. Will report back as to how it was.

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            Had the breaky at Cafe Vert. Snagged the window seat! I had the tofu scramble with sweet potato fries. The scramble had veggie sausages, asparugus, portobello, and red onions and it came with one slice of "garlic" toast. The scramble was okay but there was a lot of oil on my plate after I finished. The sweet potato fries were cold and soggy...but tasty. I had them with the chipotle mayo...yum. The "garlic" toast was simply a slice of toast with garlic was okay. The coffee was really good...nice flavour. Service was fantastic. It is a small place and it got quite warm as the morning went on. A/c or a fan would have been nice. And it was a tad pricey...I had the scramble and two cups of coffee = $17.09. I will definately try it out again as I like the concept of healthy organic food.