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Jun 14, 2007 05:48 PM

Choc Chip Cookie help

I love my receipe but I would like to try making choc choc chip. How much cocoa should I add to make it.

Btw. I bake my cookies from frozen balls and they bake up so much better!

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  1. For a standard recipe, like the back of the package, I substitute up to 1/2 cup of flour w/ cocoa.

    1. I make two versions of choc choc chip, both of which add cooled melted chocolate to the dough after creaming butter with sugars.

      One is not very rich -- if making a standard batch of dough (with 2 sticks of butter) add 2 oz cooled melted unsweetened choc.

      The other is very rich, nice and chewy, from Tish Boyle's cookie book (her version uses white choc. chunks instead of semisweet chips.) She melts 3 oz unsweetened cho. with 2 oz semisweet. She also adds 1/2 cup cocoa and interestingly 1 tbsp of molasses, which adds some depth, but can be omitted with no problem.

      1. Do you want fudgy cookies or crisp? For fudgy melt a couple oz of chocolate than add the creamed butter and sugar (don't let the butter completely melt - just a couple quick stirs) then add your flour (kinda like making brownies, add cocoa to the flour tooo if you want a more complex richer flavour). For Crisp definately do the substitution of cocoa for flour.