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Jun 14, 2007 05:24 PM

Where to eat near San Pablo/Potrero in El Cerrito?

Some place for a quick weekday lunch? It's near Target.

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  1. Carrows? HA - seriously, if you have time for a 5 minute drive, I'd go to the Bahn Mi place just north of Central - scrumptious.

    1. The taqueria across the street from where the Blockbuster used to be.

      La Bamba Taqueria on San Pablo Ave. about a 1.5 north of Potrero.

      Little Hong Kong on San Pablo Ave. between Moeser and Stockton Ave. (very cheap lunch specials).

      Ba Le Sandwich shop on San Pablo nr Central.

      Huong Tra (sp?) for vietnamese on San Pablo between MacDonald and Barrett.

      Also, someone mentioned the taco truck at the EC DMV today. (San Pablo and Manila)

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        Maggie's has muffalatas which I haven't tried. I'm no longer a cheerleader for Maggie's though. They don't seem to be taking advantage of their association with Lola's. That may or may not change. However, they are near Target Are you driving or walking ... why that Target? There's a better Target in Berkeley.

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          Hah, you beat me to it!

          Ba Le is is San Pablo at Central which makes awesome vietnamese sandwiches for $2.25. Their pho is eh and takes too long.

          Huang Tra is the only place I will ever go for vietnamese food and the people are extremely friendly, but it's not fast. That place is always PACKED.

          And, the taco truck at the EC DMV.

          Ba Le
          10174 San Pablo Ave
          El Cerrito, CA 94530

        2. I also like Hung Trah (sp?).

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              Huong Tra is one of the only restaurants I've ever been to where I have yet to find something on the menu that I haven't liked, if not loved. Here are a few that I would recommend to anyone - the crispy ginger prawns (!!!), grilled beef rolls wrapped around green onions, ginger chicken over rice, shrimp on sugarcane, stir fried beef with greenbeans, lemon beef salad, and their version of the standard papaya salad is good, too.

              I'm not fond of eating in though...

            2. I happened to be in the area last Wednesday and was hungry so I pulled into the parking lot at Angelo's Italian Deli. Seems to be a popular place based on the continuous line for sandwiches and full parking lot. I had the Angelo's special which $5.50 and has 3 Italian meats. Pretty good deal and a tasty sandwich. They also had a special for $6.75 (meatloaf sandwich, soda, and macaroni salad). Give it a shot.

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                Yeah I like Angelo's too. A little way up on San Pablo on the corner of MacDonald.


              2. About a half mile west on Cutting, there's a cheese steak shop, north side
                of the street. Noticed it last week at a non-lunch moment of the day. Anyone
                given it a try?

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                1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                  Philly Phils has been closed a few months. It was pretty good though ... RIP. There is a cheese steak truck in the area ... only ok though. Really surprised that the joint didn't make it. The guy had a few other restaurants and knew the business ... and no ... the cheesesteak truck didn't run him out of business. Prices were the same and the truck has been serving the area more than 20 years.