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Jun 14, 2007 05:24 PM

STL dinner recommendations near Webster U


Mr. Dumptruck & I will be going to the opera on Saturday night. We'd like to have dinner before the show. What's good near the Opera Theatre of St. Louis? (located near Webster University)

No dietary restrictions; we will eat just about anything.


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    1. re: shannoninstlouis

      We've had some very nice meals at Zinnia. Not as over the top trendy as some other places, (thankfully) just good, well prepared food with great ingredients.

    2. Hi! We haven't eaten in the Webster area in a long time, have enjoyed Zinnia, but have not been there in several years.
      I wanted to pipe in and suggest you make a reservation, because restaurants around the OT will be busy prior to the show, especially as it will be hot tomorrow night, and picnic people may decide to head indoors. We always had a pot-luck picnic with friends, themed to the evening's opera, when we had season tickets. Much fun. Of course, the was pre-children!
      Enjoy the show! p.j.

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      1. re: p.j.

        I have always liked Big Sky a lot. Comfort food and a nice restaurant.

      2. Thanks for the recs, everyone!

        We ended up going to Zinnia, a good choice. Made reservations on Friday, and reservation-taker was very friendly. These (small!) things leave a very big impression on me.

        Husband had the sweetbreads (waiter asked: you *do* know what those are, don't you? *snort*), and I had the duck with a pineapple mango sauce. Husband's sweetbreads were very good! I wished I had ordered them myself. My duck was very hot (temperature) and crispy. Just a teeny tiny pinch dry but the sauce was a great complement.

        Thanks again!