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Jun 14, 2007 05:22 PM

Help! Anyone have "White Trash Cooking"?

I foolishly sold my copy at a garage sale, and need the recipe for the whiskey sauce that goes on top of the Resurrection Cake. I've found the cake recipe online, but no luck with the sauce. Anybody?
Thanks in advance to my boozy savior!

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  1. which version of it? email me at

      1. re: Midnight Snack

        Hi Midnight Snack,
        I don't understand some concepts regarding that special google cookbook search service you linked. May I ask you a big favor as I don't want to go off subject? Could you please contact me - - it looks like something I desperately need to learn how to use but don't want to take up space discussing it here.
        Thanks so much.

      2. Whiskey Sauce
        2 cups sugar
        1/2 lb. butter
        1 tsp pure vanilla
        1 cup Jack Daniels Black Label
        1 pinch salt
        Blend sugar and butter and vanilla until mixed completely. Then add whisket bit by bit until it is a nice, loose, creamy sauce. The sugar is supposed to be grainy. Pour over resurrection cake and it's guaranteed to resurrect.

        1. Hey, thanks everyone!
          This recipe was a real favorite of mine several years ago, and it's time to, uh, resurrect it. Ahem.

          and, Midnight Snack- how did I not know about the existence of GoogleBooks? My life is changed.