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Jun 14, 2007 05:04 PM

Supposed Mafia hangout in N. Westchester with ricotta cheesecake??

This is a long shot but I had a bout of nostalgia and was wondering about a restaurant my aunt took me to probably 35 years ago. I don't have a lot to go on and it may no longer exist but if it does, I'd love to go back. All I remember is that it was in Northern Westchester -- perhaps near Pleasantville or somewhere close to but south of Peekskill. It was, I think, a house that had been turned into a restaurant. I seem to feel that there was a parking lot to its immediate right. I believe it was not in a town but in the countryside. My aunt said it was known as a place the Mafia would hang out (and she was a pretty prim and proper person so for her to say this either means it really was notorious or she was exaggerating something benign). All I remember is that it had a really good ricotta cheesecake.

Is this enough for someone to identify this place?

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  1. I know this is an old post but I know exactly where you're talking about. It's a little north of Pleasantville, in South Salem. I grew up there and pretty much everyone in town knows what goes on there, but it is a fabulous little restaurant. Brick Oven pizza "bar" on one side and upscale restaurant on the other. It is tucked away in the country away from the actual "town".

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      Any chance that someone knows the name of this place. Sounds interesting.

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        Are you talking about Nino's? This makes sense, but fabulous?

      2. I'm thinking that your talking about the old Ciro's, it was out between Croton and Yorktown, I had an uncle that used to work there as a waiter. But that place is long gone. I'm not sure of the road but I think it was on Rt. 129?? It could have also been 118?? There was always talk of that having definite Mafia ties.....allegedly, sorry I don't remember their cheesecake though.

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          Wait, another one that fits the bill is La Fontane in Somers. It's an old house with a parking lot to the right.

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            Regarding the supposedly Mafia hangout it certainly was not Le Fontane. They havent been around long enough.Before they arrived I think it was a bar restaurant called Tommys.
            I remember Ciros and recalled that Ciro made a great Lobster lasagna. He sold the restaurant and then had to return when the new owners failed to make payments. A short while later it burned down.

            Le Fontane Restaurant
            137 Route 100, Katonah, NY 10536

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              Not saying La Fontane is a mafia hangout NOW - she was asking about 35 years ago - so maybe Tommy's was.

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                Burned down? Hummmmm....I think that would be the one