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Jun 14, 2007 04:57 PM

Ohio Restaurants Needed

I'll be in Cincinnati and Cleveland on the last 3 days of my vacation and need some good recommendations for dinner and breakfast.

I just need dinner recommendations for CIncinnati as we are meeting friends somewhere for breakfast and they are locals so they know good places to go. I haven't asked them yet as I want some suggestions here and then I will ask them what they think.

For Cleveland, I need both dinner and breakfast. We're staying at a hotel that does not have a complimentary breakfast plan of any kind (expensive).

We are looking for reasonably priced places, nothing fancy, sit-down restaurants. Italian, American, Indian or Chinese pref.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. where are you staying? For starters though Siam Cafe (it is Chinese mostly) is great. it is centrally located at 3900 St. Clair. Excellent stuff. You can have dim sum at Tom Seafood, Bo loong and others if you are interested let us know.

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      In Cincinnati, we're staying at the Millenium Hotel. I've heard it is in the midst of lots of restaurants. In Cleveland, we're staying at the Holiday Inn Lakeside. I know it is right across from the Science Museum? Or is it the Botanical Gardens? I saw it on a map. We'll only be in town for one evening in both.

      Yes, we'll have our car. Dim Sum is wonderful (as long as we can pick up something like pizza or pasta somewhere else and the owners let us bring it in!) otherwise we'll have to stick to Italian or American. Our son isn't big on Chinese and is quite picky.

    2. First of all, lyn is absolutely correct. Siam Cafe is fantastic. Great Chinese. Great Vietnamese. I have less experience with the Thai. You can search the board for some specific recommendations that I've made. More recently, I've had the charbroiled beef with vermicelli and it definitely gets added to the list of favorites.

      For breakfast, I recommend Lucky's. I heard some rumblings that they would be serving breakfast all week. Unless you confirm that with them, you should plan on eating there on the weekend.

      Another breakfast option would be fire. Only Sunday, in this case. fire is one of the best restaurants in the city for dinner as well. It's at the higher end of price range in a Cleveland context. I'm not sure how compares to prices in Brooklyn. It's not stuffy by any measure. You can review their website. If the dinner prices look reasonable then I might be able to recommend other restaurants in that range. Otherwise, I would still recommend it very highly for their brunch.

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        agreed Lucky's Cafe is terrific. the best weekend breakfast/brunch in cleveland.

      2. In the Cincinnati area we love Pho Paris , Nectar, Honey.

        1. For breakfast consider Juniper Grill downtown. (You didn't mention where you are staying but I assume you have a car?)

          For dinner head to LIttle Italy and try Maxi's or Batutto or Dolce Vita.

          1. Best value and quality Italian dinner you'll find in Cleveland is at Carrie Cerino's, in North Royalton (I am also assuming that you will have a car). From the pasta basics to some very special features, you cannot go wrong, you will stay in budget and you will leave stuffed and happy.

            For breakfast, you might try dim sum at any of the 4 primary Cleveland Chinatown locations: Tom's, Bo Loong, Li Wah or C&Y. My personal favorite is C&Y, but I've eaten at all of them (except Tom's - haven't made it there yet) and they are all serviceable.

            Another great inexpensive breakfast option is Slyman's (only open during the week), which is right on the edge of Chinatown, across the street from Tom's.