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Jun 14, 2007 04:52 PM

ISO: Dinner place in Baltimore

Two weeks from tonight I will be in Baltimore for the Yankees vs the Orioles at Camden. We will be in Baltimore just for the afternoon and then off to the game. From there we are traveling into VA for bedtime and then on to the rest of our trip.

I need a good, reasonable, restaurant for that afternoon - Italian pref. I know there is a Little Italy type area in Baltimore and would love to try somewhere there - nothing expensive.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. Well, I can't say I'm excited to give a restaurant recommendation to a Yankees fan.... I'm kidding. There is a little Italy and it's about a 10 minute drive from Camden Yards (with no traffic) across the Harbor. If you are looking for inexpensive I would recommend Chipparelli's, Sabatino's, and Ciao Bella.

    1. La Tavola and Amicci's are decent, more affordable options. La Scala opens at 4:30 - it also has a deli. As long as the weather's fine, Little Italy is a very doable walk to Camden Yards.

      1. La Scala has a great lite/appetizer menu. Germano's has some really affordable dishes on their menu too.

        1. This is not Italian but it's one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore -- it's called The Helmand and it has Afghani food. Located on Charles Street about a 10 minute drive (without traffic) from Camden Yards. Here's their website:

          1. Pazza Luna is about 5 minutes from Camden Yards and the food is yummy:


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              cant go wrong with Sabatinos, get a bookmakers salad and the pan fried shrimp parmagiana!

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                Yikes, the salad would be about allI would get there. IMHO their food is pretty bad.

                1. re: hon

                  everybdoy has their favorite place in little italy. Sabs might not win any awards, but its classic italian food and its not overpriced. People love La Tavola and i thought it was one of the worst meals i ever had.