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Jun 14, 2007 04:49 PM

Mail Order Cheese?

I know I will be attending a BBQ at a friend's in July. I would love to mail order some nice cheese, i.e. Humbolt Fog, some Cowgirl etc, so that it will arrive perfect to eat for the date. I will be travelling to the BBQ and not able to shop here and take it.

Ideas? Experience?

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  1. sells extraordinary cheeses and has great service. If you live in a hot clime, be sure to order next-day servicer and ask for the cheese to be packed on dry ice. Be prepared to waste hours on their website, reading descriptions of cheeses you've never heard of. I've been ordering from them for years and absolutely love their variety and quality.

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      I have heard it often suggested by those who know far better than I that you don't need a gazillion cheeses. Four or five will be way sufficient: a soft, runny cheese like a brie, a goat cheese like Humboldt Fog, a hard cheese like a gorgonzola dolce, maybe a stinky cheese or blue, and finally perhaps a dessert cheese or sweeter cheese like a Stilton with candied lemon or other fruit pieces.

      1. re: liu

        Thank you liu! And I agree! A few fine cheeses are all that is needed...but where to mail order from?

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          Well, you certainly don't need a "gazillion" cheeses on one cheese board, but if you like cheese, wouldn't you like to explore the possibilities? With your criteria (a brie-type, goat, etc.) you have a huge number of choices with igourmet -- or a good cheese shop -- and could serve a different, wonderful cheeseboard every time.

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            OK OK , I am SO not sure where the "gazillion" cheeses idea came, none of the posts gave any indication that was what was still....any ideas where to mail order a few great cheeses to arrive at peak for a dinner I will attend?

            1. re: Quine

              Quine - So sorry for the misunderstanding. "Gazillion cheeses" was not said with any sarcasm or attitude, but as I re-read it, I do apologize for any 'tone' that resonated through my post.

              My message was in the direction of a few quality cheeses vs. quantity. Four or five contrasting cheeses of mixed texture, color and flavor can be quite dramatic and delicious. But I now understand that this is not part of your post; you simply want to know "where to mail order." I mis-read your "Ideas? Experience?" as a solicitation for all kinds of ideas and experience about the entire process.

              1. re: liu

                Thank you liu. I was planning of just a few special cheeses, to share with a few special friends. I wanted the ideas for mail order sources and experiences folks have had mail ordering them.

                I wholly appeciate your post, the enthusiasm is about at the same level I obtain when I am talking and thinking cheese. Cheese and mushrooms to me of two perfect foods.

        2. re: pikawicca

          I second I have used them several times for gifts and was very satisfied with their service--the orders are shipped very timely, packaged well and the quality (and assortment) of their products is wonderful.

        3. try this:

          we shop there regularly, and they really have a deep love and respect for great cheese. I would trust them to package and ship properly, and they give wonderful advice regarding what is perfectly ripe and at peak flavor at any given time.

          Highly recommended.

          1. Quine,

            As a former cheese retailer (and shipper), you've gotten good advice. From clicking on your name, I didn't get much info about your location, but I'll assume it's New England area.

            I'd order from the place closest to you, especially in the summer. I didn't ship in summer at all, because there had been too many tales of bad handling, melting of ice packs, and guess who ate the shipping and product cost?

            Here's what I'd advise- If there is any shop near you that can handle a special order, try that, pick it, and ship to the location, or drive it there in a cooler. The Fog is pretty easily "gettable", but Cowgirl doens't use distribution, so the retailer has to get it straight from Cowgirl, and the shipping cost can be prohibitive. Also, be aware that while Redhawk is year round, just about everything else is seasonal.

            If you have any retailer, like Formaggio Kitchen, do that for sure. Since you're willing to shell out for shipping, you should be good with asking for a fab selection of seasonal cheeses.

            How far are you travelling for this fete, and how does one get an invite?

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            1. re: cheesemonger

              "I will be travelling to the BBQ and not able to shop here and take it."

              Maybe the trick here is to order the cheese from a place close to where it is to be delivered/eaten.

              1. re: cheesemonger

                Thank You cheesemonger!!! Advice straight from the source could not be better. I live in coastal New Jersey, a place void of any good cheese places.

                I will definately give a good look at the places mentioned here, see what is reasonable to send. I have until July 8th, so your idea of trying to find a place enroute to get some cheese maybe what I do end up doing. I figure my drive is at least an hour to two, I will be travelling across state (NJ) to outside of Philly.

                1. re: Quine

                  I went to google, and looked for cheese shops in Philly- Looks like DiBruno Brothers is the spot, but it is in what appears to be downtown Philly. Here's the site:

                  Good Luck!

              2. Artisinal Cheese or Murrays in nyc are both very reputable cheese purveyors and offer a wide selection from which to choose. i don't think you could go wrong with either.

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                  I've given Murray's gift certificates to my family and they've been very happy with what they ordered.

                2. I always order/buy from Murray's Cheese Shop -- -- in NYC, you can't go wrong there . . .