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Jun 14, 2007 04:49 PM

Vin Pearl - Dublin - Ulferts Center

This is the new Vietnamese restaurant just down from Singapore Old Town Cafe. I had lunch there today. This was somewhat challenging as its hard for me to go into this center and not eat at SOTC. But I showed willpower and went for it.

The space is very attractive. Hard wood floors on one side, tile on the other. Nice art work, nice chairs, etc. Service was gracious, friendly, and efficient. I would say there were about 12 people in there.

Menu has a nice variety but not overwhelming. They had a couple of Pho, and an array of noodle dishes. I went for the Vin Pearl House Noodles. It had shrimp, chicken, fried egg strips, noodles, cilantro, with a very nice peanut sauce. Very tasty and sort of reminded me of the sesame noodles I used to have back in NY. This was $9.00, which I thought was a little pricy, but they are clearly going for a more elegant experience than SOTC.

Everyone else seemed to be enjoying what they ordered. I will definitely go back and try some other items, to get a more definitive feel for what the kitchen can do.

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  1. Thanks. Looking forward to more reports.

      1. Recently I also gave Vin Pearl a try...I couldn't have been more disappointed. The restaurant's decor is low key yet clean with a touch of modern feel to it. The server was attentive but never really engaged with the diners or to offer them recommendations when they are stuck.
        The food relies too much on sauces and creativity...the dishes lost their Vietnamese uniqueness and became another Slanted Door wanna-be. Oh, not to mention the high prices...$16 for Bo Luc Lac (Shaking Beef). As a Vietnamese person, I am open to traditional and modern interpretation of the cuisine...unfortunately, the plates are not original nor are they different enough to be unique. B for effort, C for execution, C- for food

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          I found lunch to be much, MUCH more enjoyable of an experience than the over- priced and poorly executed dinner. My wife and I really enjoyed the lemongrass noodles and grilled pork.