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Jun 14, 2007 04:48 PM

KIRKLAND (Costco) Bordeaux

The other night I uncorked a bottle of Kirkland Bordeaux, a 2003 Paulliac. It was magnificent! There were no other clues regarding its true origin.

Does anyone have any hints?

Does your local Costco still carry it?

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  1. Ours, in PHX, did have some, and now they are doing other Kirkland wines. I have to try any, so I cannot comment directly.

    In, one of the posters, Mark Lipton, did an extensive tasting of the Kirkland Bdx., when first introduced. He was not too kind to them - seems that there were two. He also researched through Costco, and got all sorts of run arounds from the Customer Rep. there, as to the source, etc.

    You might want to do a search of Google.Groups, and find that thread. It ran for about a month with tons of comments, about 2 years ago. Others seemed to have a bit more info as to the lineage of that wine.

    Maybe it's time that I did try some of the Kirkland wines, just to see for myself.

    Thanks for the report,

    1. i think their whole point is to hide where its from. Someone told me its pretty analogous to Cameron Hughes style. They buy alot of overproduction grapes or source it from another winery and then just slap their lables on it.

      1. I saw an 02 at the Richmond Costco today.