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Nook - what to order?

Finally going to Nook tonight around 8pm (will there be a short or long wait do you think?).

Never been - what are your favorite items on the menu? I know some of you like all of it, but try your best to narrow it down to a few for me :) Any "must-order" items?


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  1. the short ribs are divine!

    1. 2nd the ribs. The pork chop is also pretty darn good. So is the mac and cheese. They also carry Cooper's Ale.

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        Thanks guys, are the ribs messy?

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          not at all....unless a piece drops off the fork. =)

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            Definitely not. Well braised as short ribs should be, easily cut with knife and fork but still have a meaty chew to them.

            Oh, 8 p.m. you might have a 30-45 minute wait. Its a small place. We don't mind sitting at the 5 person bar to get seated quickly.

        2. As a whole I find the food good, not great. I do enjoy the savoury bread pudding.

          1. Mac 'n Cheese and the Nook Burger

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              the bun on the burger is a buzz kill. so tough and chewy. ruins a fine patty.

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                I agree completely. A bun away from being a top notch burger.

            2. pan-roasted mussels to start, tilapia and pork chop for entrees...

              1. Thanks for all your input!

                Arrived last night at about 8pm, and the host was so super nice, bald guy, didn't catch his name. We ordered a bottle of wine to drink while we waited and he was great at bringing it out and refilling our glasses when needed (since we were just sitting in the little waiting chairs, with no little table or anything). Spots at the communal table opened up after 10 minutes or so, but we decide to wait for our own table, which took maybe another 15 minutes, not too bad...

                I love the warm peanuts they give you instead of bread. They were so good!

                I had the ribs and my date had the pork chops, both great, but I think I will really have to marry those ribs - WOW! So succulent, and I did not even have to use my knife. And the mashed potatoes underneath were great. Had a side of mac and cheese, which I generally don't get excited about, but this dish was really really yummy.

                Had the banana bread pudding for dessert. I really like that it was small, so it was manageable for us. The bottom chocolate part was a little too rich, but then again, I'm not really a big chocolate person, I'm sure others would kill for this. Loved the banana part, and the whipped cream tasted really light and fresh.

                Our waiter was wonderful and nice too. Our receipt said we were served by "senor miyagi." And I love how they have a note on their menu that cell phones interfere with their fryer! Funny, quirky, cute place.

                Wonderful time all around. Will definitely be back! Thanks again!