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Date place in Silverlake/Los Feliz area?

Looking for a good place for a Sunday night date in the Silverlake/Los Feliz area (Cliff's Edge was my first choice, but it's not open for dinner on Sunday). Something nice, but not too frou frou. Any suggestions?

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  1. Never been, but Canele on Glendale in Atwater looks like a good date spot.

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      Widely reviewed here and a nice place with moderate prices, but... no reservations. Could spend too much time getting to know your date on Glendale Blvd.

    2. I know it's got detractors here, but I'd do Cafe Stella. It's quieter on a Sunday, and outside should be delightful this weekend.

      1. I really like Puran's on Hillhurst. Really nice dimly lit atmosphere for a date. Yummy fresh food.

        1. I think the Figaro Cafe on Vermont is nice & romantic. It looks like a French brasserie. Also reliably good... Kitchen, Alcove and Cobras & Matador.

          1. i have mentioned it about 5 times in the past 2 days, but Parus Indian is a very romantic place


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              Thanks for mentioning Paru's. I haven't been there in eons, and need a good vegetarian fix. But does it qualify as a good "date place"?

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                I think it does...very romantic if you sit outside. Also, it is off the beaten path, which makes it that much more romantic

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                The decor (both interior and exterior) isn't much, and they frequently mess up on orders.

                That said, the food is usually pretty good, and it's cheap.

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                  Do you know if this is the same Paru's that used to be in Northridge years ago? I liked that place. Where I had my first dosa...very sentimental.

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                    Agreed. This to me is a great date place as it's hip and the food is great but it doesn't break the bank nor does it make you seem like you're trying too hard. The menu is large enough where everyone will find something to eat, and those sangrias are, in the parlance of today's youth, off the chain.

                  2. Blair's has some of the best food in the area: http://www.blairsrestaurant.com/

                    Edendale Grill has a nice patio that can be very romantic. The food is good, though not as good as Blair's. A lot of folks prefer it for dates due to the patio. It all depends on what kind of date it is. http://www.edendalegrill.com/

                    Tropicalia is less expensive and maybe not as impressive inside, but the food is very good: http://tropicaliabraziliangrill.com/

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                      I must agree with Edendale and Stella.

                    2. You could start off with Sunday wine tasting at Silver Lake Wine (3-5pm)...

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                        great idea, but wine tasting with food is $25, then you're practically done with food.

                        i heard the food at EDENDALE has improved. STELLA is good, but sometimes hard to have intimate convo. sat next to many first daters there.

                        also in LF, FARFALLA or VINOTECA down the way. finish it off with a coffee or after dinner drink at ALCOVE across the street. that's a great date.

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                          i second Edendale, just went to The Coffee Table ( just north of Edendale) which also has a nice back patio. i do like Cliff's Edge also for it's hidden entrance and chill backyard.

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                          Yep, I had my first date with my boyfriend of five years there...he brought a bottle of Pinot Noir, and the rest was history...

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                            i was going to suggest il cappricio as well. definitely bring a bottle (or two) of wine.

                          2. Tantra is nice too...dim lights (perfect for a date) :)

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                              I did have a very hot first date here too one time so I would have to concur...booths are very private. Never led to a second one, but it was fun...

                            2. What the price parameters? One place no one has suggested (not very Chowish) is Cobras y Matadores, which is very hit-and-miss, but a nice room w/ a fun vibe. Also, Marouch on Santa Monica and Edgemont is 5 min. from Los Feliz and nice in a funky Middle-Eastern-strip-mall- kind-of-way, with very attentive waiters, and is very affordable.

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                                OK, I know it seems like I've had a date in every restaurant in the area -- probably because I have. So here's the first-date-at-Marouch anecdote: good food, but very loud music and belly dancer on weekends. Date was unfortunately a touch hard of hearing. Conversation impossible, although lady's belly jiggling in our faces was somewhat entertaining, I guess.

                              2. Love love love Cafe Stella - you feel as if you're in France. Had an awesome roasted tomato, grilled polenta & buratta salad there last night - only complaint was wanted more buratta! Grilled tuna steak perfect & my brother had the wine & sheese flight, which was great! Nice service, a patio, great & romantic atmosphere.

                                1. go to blairs... save stella for the night you're planning on having sex for the first time...

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                                    Thanks for the best laugh of the day... so true. And I was there with my brother. I wonder what the OP will pick? ;-)

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                                      Decided to go with Blair's, after all the recommendations, and we weren't disappointed. Corriander-crusted tuna was great, and my date was a big fan of the mango sorbet for dessert.

                                      And I'll definitely be checking out more of these places in the future. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

                                  2. Another vote for Blair's. Loved it.

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                                      The patio at Edendale is fantastic; fun bar, but the food can be quite mediocre. I had some horribly overcooked sea bass once. Granted, this criticism comes from a home cook's perspective. I'd stick with Edendale for drinks and appetizers only. Everyone seems to love Blair's for its food.