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Jun 14, 2007 03:59 PM

Closed Modesto Places

I was in Modesto last weekend after a year away living in Sonoma County. Akkh my favorite restuarants Mama Jamaica's and Ma'Deas have closed. My Sister's Kitchen (on the west side) replaced by another Barbecue place. Oceana long vanished and current restuarant version closed.

Thankfully 1505 is still open. Friends told me that a new place Bachhus has decent food.

The most striking thing to me is how spoiled I have become living in Sonoma county. Far more choices even in Petaluma (1/4 the size of Modesto but it seems like 4 times the venues)

Any northern San JoachinValley types (Stockton, Oakdale, Ripon, Salida, Modesto and Turlock) with a local's tongues view of what is left and good to try?

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  1. Well, I left Modesto about seven years ago. Don't recognize any of the places you mention having closed down. They must all have opened after I left.
    Whenever I make the pilgrimmage back to the homeland (about once a year), I eat at Concetta, and have always enjoyed the food and ambiance.
    And of course there are the taco trucks which I miss deperately. Its hard to find a good taco al pastor in Humboldt.

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      Concetta is a great tapas place. I remember when it was Pizza Concetta- was my son's favorite pizza when he was a preschooler.

      Yes, the taco trucks are great in Modesto. Thankfully there are many in Sonoma County!

    2. In Modesto I'd try Tresetti's. It's always got great food, especially at lunch. Clayton's is new and they also do great food. If you are in the mood for over-priced sushi another choice is Aquashi. It's truly beautiful inside but the food can be hit or miss.

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        Tresetti's is a great standy by. Clayton's continues to change their menu. My Modesto friends (who do a lot of travel all over) are not impressed by the frequent changes in menu.

        Has anyone been to Bacchus? How is Harvest Moon these days?

        1. re: drmimi

          I'd go and give Clayton's a try. Normally if a restaurant is able to change their menu often, its got a really good quality chef performing magic out there. It's so easy to make the same things all the time. Plus, you get the added magic of having fresh, local produce, good fish, etc.