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Jun 14, 2007 03:45 PM

Lunch at Coconut Cafe - meh punctuated by blech

Had lunch yesterday at Coconut Cafe in Newton Center. First time. Probably also last unless someone tells me that my experience was not the norm.

App of fresh rolls with mostly shredded, browning lettuce, wrapper well on the highway to rubberville.

Spicy beef salad, not spicy, beef overcooked, good flavor though.

DC's tofu curry was the best of the lot but not nuanced in the least.

On the plus side, I had a kick-a lowfat chocolate orange muffin for dessert from Pete's across the street.

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  1. My first and last visit there was about four years ago and the food was so bad that I have never been tempted to go back. I, too, remember browning vegetables.

    Thai Thai Kitchen just off Centre St. on the other side of the triangular public parking lot is better-than-average Thai, next time you need a fix in the immediate area.

    1. Funny - contrast with this recent thread of praise -

      I have not been in a while, but practically lived off their pad thai with duck in grad school. Their noodle dishes are probably the best bet.

      1. Thai Thai is a much better option. We used to take out from Coconut Cafe, which does have large, reasonably priced dishes. But Thai Thai is always fresh and excellent. Nice people, too.

        1. I'd read awhile back that Coconut Cafe has been cited repeatedly for poor food handling and storage practices. Like the other posters, I am a big fan of Thai Thai kitchen. The food is fresh, the portions generous and the staff are very friendly and knowledgable. Also, they are not afraid of using spice when it's called for.

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            I'm no fan of Thai Thai, I don't much like the owner and neither of my two test dishes - crunchy pad thai and a suggestion by the owner (a 'country style' curry that resembled cat food) -- were worth buying IMO. In contrast I do greatly like everything I've had from Coconut Cafe.

          2. Lam's in Newtonville on Washington St. would be a much better option for Thai in Newton. I've honestly never had a bad meal there, and I go frequently.

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            1. re: qwertyu

              I heartuily second the Lam's recc. That place is AWESOME. They do an amazing job wih seafood (as well as all sorts of other goodies). The service can't be beat and the food is impeccably fresh, fast and DELICIOUS!