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Jun 14, 2007 03:34 PM

...that pizza place

i've heard there's a great pizza place just accross the brooklyn bridge. I can't remember the name


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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Used to be great, now is a tourist trap. However in their defense, they can make an awesome pie if they take their time, don't use too much dough, and cook it with care. This they rarely will do because of the high volume of traffic. However I would still try it on an off day and time. I do!

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        1. re: NYJewboy

          can you recommend any other places to eat in the area not so touristy

          1. re: BubbaMrB

            Lucali's in Carroll Gardens is the closest place to Grimaldi's that has great pizza. search for it here, there have been several reviews and posts about it.

          2. re: NYJewboy

            What makes Grimaldi's a tourist "Trap?" Do they overcharge for their food? Do they market themselves on big billboards on times square? Oh, maybe it's that huge neon sign out front?


            Just because it's popular does not make it a tourist trap. And the pie there is still just fine. Not as good as it was, but still better than most.

            1. re: bhill

              Totally agree, bhill. Yes, some tourists eat there, but that has more to do with the great location than anything else. Bubba -- do go -- you'll enjoy both the pizza and the view. And, yes, it definitely tastes even better if you walk across the bridge first.

              Lucalli's is in a completely residential neighborhood (mine!) and there's nothing there for tourists to see. Stick with Grimaldi's and enjoy the view.

              1. re: oolah

                "Lucalli's is in a completely residential neighborhood (mine!) and there's nothing there for tourists to see. Stick with Grimaldi's and enjoy the view."

                Is that a subtle hint for us out-of -towners not to clog up your neighborhood pizza joint? :-)

                1. re: susanova

                  Ha! maybe there's a little self-interest in that post :)

                  That said, I really do think that the OP will enjoy Grimaldi's pizza and the surrounding area and doesn't need to trek all the way out to Carroll Gardens for some good NY pizza.

                  Let me, ahem, sweeten the deal:
                  Bubba, if you're there during the day, also check out Almondine, Jacques Torres' pastry shop in DUMBO (just a few blocks around the corner from Grimaldi's). Great french pastries and delicious gelato. His chocolate shop is across the street if that's your preferred poison.

                  1. re: oolah

                    To me a tourist trap is a place where buses pull up with tourirsts in tow which is what you get a grimaldi's. There is always a nice line. Go to Lucali's who cares if there is no view. You are their for the pizza which is amazing.