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Jun 14, 2007 03:29 PM

Restaurant rec's in/near Westfield Mall

Going to catch a movie this evening and looking for some restaurant recommendations in the area. Not too particular on cuisine, would like to keep it <$25-$30/person (not including drinks.)


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  1. which city? SF or SJ?

    1. I'd go to the Out The Door in the food court, to be quite honest.

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      1. re: whiner

        agreed.. great green papaya salad and the spring rolls were pretty good. As much as I hate food courts you can get in and out without the food court experience.

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          I work right next door and I've heard nothing but bad things about Out the Door. I think we'll end up at Straits in the mall unless I hear something better.

          1. re: mofo313

            Is Oola still any good? I haven't been since I moved out of SF, but I had some good meals there. About 3 blocks from the theatre.


            1. re: mofo313

              i heard the samething..but I tried and was pleased with the food and service. i wanted something light and was limited on time..and to be honest as much as i hate malls I have been thinking about returning just for that salad.

              1. re: mofo313

                It certainly isn't Slanted Door, it is Slanted Door Lite. But... it is still pretty good/very good.

                Never been to Straits...

                1. re: mofo313

                  we went to out the door before a movie and thought it was great. Good service, really good food. Wichcraft wasn't open late enough for it to cover the before movie time for us. I've been to wichcraft for lunch, tho, and would still give the edge to out the door.

                  1. re: mofo313

                    I second Out The Door. The best restaurant in the food court. I go there every other week and love it. Nice, tasty, clean, fairly well priced.

                    1. re: ngardet

                      Out The Door is definitely a solid experience. It should be noted that even though it is in the Food Court, they do have their own enclosed space, and a quite attractive at that, with table service.

                    2. re: mofo313

                      Anything is better than Straits. They overcharge and the food is just barely passable. While they have a few bright spots, for the money you'd do much better anywhere else.

                    3. re: whiner

                      Completely agree with whiner on the Out the Door recommendation. The Westfield Out the Door food is much, much, much better than its ferry building counterpart.

                      1. re: whiner

                        Add me to the list of people who really like Out The Door. Delicious food, great value, service could use some work.

                      2. My response is probably too late, but I like 'Wichcraft.
                        Some Chowhounds don't agree:
                        But I think their salads are good, especially with the chickpeas on top. Here's a positive review about 'Wichcraft:

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                        1. re: davina

                          I am sorry but wichcraft really grossed me out.. maybe it is better to go earlier in the day when the chicken salad and anything with mayo is cold not warm and wilted.

                          I know Out the Door is nothing like Slanted Door I don't think that was their intention, and i miss the old slanted door when it was in the Mission.. but as far as mall courtyard food goes Out the Door before a movie is not bad.. as far as the other choices in the mall you are better off ordering popcorn with extra butter.

                          1. re: Lori SF

                            I actually think the Westfield food court is pretty good if you know how to navigate it. First off, it's really not comparable to the usual "mall food court" with fast food and teenagers. They've made this one considerably nicer. For example, the food's all served on real plates with silverware, and you can get wine at most places (which my dad liked). I think the whole experience ends up being better as a result, as long as you sit at the tables near the edges and not in the crowded, messy middle.

                            I've had good meals from the Mexican place, the pasta/pizza place, the Thai place, and the Bristol Farms deli.

                            1. re: Agent 510

                              I agree with you. It's not a typical food court and the food is quite good both at Andale and the Thai place. I haven't tried many of the places though aside from those mentioned, Out the Door and Beard Papa. The chile verde at Andale was right up there with my favorites - Los Jarritos and La Tapatia in SSF.

                        2. Wow, I can't begin to disagree enough. I've written about my experiences at Out the Door, Straits, etc... and you couldn't get me back to those places even on someone else's dime. Same will go for the Thai place - I've tried it twice, and have had friends try it, and the food has consistantly been just barely lukewarm. Nothing like food safety issues to ruin a meal.

                          Yes, the food court is a bit "nicer" with the silverware and plates, etc... but, really, it's still mall food. It's not high quality, and I frankly find the prices insulting.

                          In a city full of quality food, don't sell yourself short - the mall is NOT a destination place. Do food elsewhere, particularly considering your price point... and then enjoy the film.

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                          1. re: jrhsfcm

                            I'm with jrhsfcm! I think Out the Door is serving just "okay" food at exorbitant prices. So far, my favorite in the mall's food court is Mr. Hana's toro salad -- it is truly an ample serving of raw tuna, rice, various pickles, ginger, apples, seaweed, and a handful of other items I can never remember. All tossed together (for around $10), I have never been able to finish the entire bowl. It is the biggest amount of quality food for its price and I desperately wish someone in Japantown (near where I live) would sell something of similar quality!

                            I will be interested to see what the Out the Door model looks like when it opens in the Fillmore district...

                            1. re: Carrie 218

                              Exorbitant? Really? Most of the menu at Out the Door is under $10. You can get a filling lunch for under $10, and a filling dinner for under $20. Given that they're using organic produce and Niman meats, those prices strike me as an excellent value.

                              1. re: Morton the Mousse

                                I'm looking at a Price vs. Quantity ratio and find the servings to be on the small side compared to the prices they charge. My last lunch there was piece of grilled fish (yellowtail? I don't remember...) The board indicated it came with salad and rice. The "salad" was three pieces of wilted lettuce and they forgot to give me rice and I had to ask for it. For $14. I compare that to the Mr. Hana Toro salad for relatively the same price (if not a little less) which is better quality AND quantity.

                                1. re: Carrie 218

                                  I'm looking at Price vs Quantity ration as well. Most of the dishes I've ordered at Out the Door have had generous servings, and two plates per person is usually more than enough for dinner. Sounds like you had bad luck, or maybe I've just had good luck. I haven't ordered any seafood there, so perhaps the fish dishes are smaller than the beef, poultry, and veggie dishes.

                          2. Suggestion for Oola was good but you might need a reservation and might be one block too far. B Foods in Yerba Buena Garden was good in my one visit there and closer than Oola. Not huge portions but tasty.