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Jun 14, 2007 03:24 PM

Mixing Bowls - what type is best (stainless, ceramic, plastic)?

I'm stocking a new kitchen and trying to figure out what type of mixing bowls to purchase. They'd be used primarily for baking (for use with a electric hand mixer). I've always used ceramic bowls in the past.

I purchased some Emile Henry bowls (ceramic) but read somewhere they chip when using an electric hand mixer. I haven't used them yet - and am thinking I should return them, if that's the case.

I saw some Melamine plastic mixing bowls - but didn't know a thing about them or how they would wear over time.

And I already have thin, stainless steel (?) bowls but have never used them for baking - as I always thought there was a problem using metal and mixing for baking (unless the recipe specifically called for it). Is that true?

I'd be happiest using the metal bowls I already own... but not if it ruins the outcome.

Am I over thinking this???


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  1. I only bother with S/S mixing bowls. Light, durable, non-reactive. There are no problems with using them for mixing baking ingredients - not sure where you heard that from.

    Plastic bowls would be useful if you need to melt or heat something in the microwave.

    I would never spend the money for Emile Henry mixing bowls. One slip and they might chip/break on the floor. And they'd be needlessly heavy.

    1. I love really pretty ceramic/pottery bowls. I have way more than I need, but they make me happy to use them while cooking. They go in the dishwasher and I use them with a mixer no problem. That said, they are far from essential. I think you are fine with the bowls you already have, if that's what you like. I have never heard of a problem using metal bowls for baking.

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        Ditto this, although my most favorite mixing bowl is a blue glass bowl (I bought at Kmart years ago) that's dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. (It's too big for my microwave, but I have a small microwave).

        1. re: Amuse Bouches

          Thank you! The Emile Henry bowls are going right back (yes, very pricey - had a gift card and will use it toward something else!) Very happy to use the S/S - and can't believe I've been avoiding them all these years!!!!

          1. re: The Oracle

            I think that is a good decision. Emile Henry makes some wonderful stuff I pleased to own but I treat mixing bowls too roughly for something so pretty and pricey.

      2. I have melamine bowls, Rosti brand to be exact and I can assure you that they wear just fine, about half of mine are about 30 years terribly worse for wear. The rubber base on the bottoms has cracked but that's it. Love their look too!

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          I use those too. They wear likr iron and the rubber gripper on the bottom is great when you are sing a hanf held mixer. I also have a set of Friendship pottery which I treasure but unfortunately the pottery burned down and they never rebuilt.

        2. hello, I think it's a matter of what other uses you wish to put the bowls to, besides w. the mixer in baking. I use 'em to marinate stuff going on the grill, stainless pretty ideal because it's easy and light to maneuver in and out of the fridge, they also chill down faster and take less space in our smallish fridge. But the ceramic ones have their alternate use too, when I microwave leftovers. Stainless doesn't react to its contents, you might be thinking of aluminum or cast iron. have fun

          1. I would also suggest s/s mixing bowls with rubber lids in case you want to use them for transporting food or just storing in the fridge.