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Jun 14, 2007 03:15 PM

Sad news - Debu Saha's Biryani House

For those of you who had his cooking at Debu Saha's Biryani House, he is no longer cooking there. The new guys kept the the Biryani House monicker, but obviously could not use his name.

Sad, Sad news.


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  1. Yeah, he left back in April to do some travelling. He plans to be back in a year or so to open a new place according to his blog -

    I didn't know that Biryani House was still open, though - I was under the impression that he closed down. Too bad the new owners are still using the name - it's a bit misleading to do so with a place that was so identified with the original chef.

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    1. re: gregclow

      We ate dinner there last night not knowing that Debu had sold to new owners...
      The soup arrived, after one spoonful we knew something was wrong. The Subz Mangoda basket arrived without the usual design of sauces on the plate.. I asked if Debu was in the kitchen tonight - he just said no and shook his head. On asking one of the regular staff if Debu was on holiday he informed us of the sale.

      Needles to say, the meal was disappointing and without Debu's inspired flare. We would eat there again as there was nothing wrong with the food. However the minute Debu is back in town and cooking - we and everyone we know will follow him.

    2. Great news!!!
      Debu is back and has opened a new restaurant named Debu's at 552 Mount Pleasant. We read on his blog that it was open for take out and couldn't resist getting a Debu food fix, got out of the car to find Debu standing outside taking the air from of a fully open and fully licensed beautifully decorated place.

      His menu is much more creative than at Biryani House - and yes the prices have gone up - however, so has the standard of his food!

      Debu came out several times to chat with us during the meal and told us his menu would be changing regularly, this was his second menu since he opened about 2 weeks earlier. He is planning to change the menu again in September - tempting us back with the promise of Foie Gras 3 ways!!!!

      Tonight, after a selection of complimentary amuse gueule arrived at the table we ordered the following -

      *Samosas - prepared 3 ways all with different fillings and accompanying sauces.
      *Paneer - prepared 3 ways, again all different, each with a complimenting sauce.
      *Perhaps THE best Lentil soup we've ever had, flavored with citrus leaf (Lemon) with dumplings.
      * Duo of sorbet arrived (Complimetary) Mango and lemon/pineapple
      *Confit of Duck with Lentil Pumpkin puree, Basmati & Candy Cane Beets
      *Rack of Lamb Vindaloo (cooked rare) with Basmati, Asparagus, Tomato stuffed with Herbed Goat Cheese
      * Caribou (ahg, can't remember the sauce) with Potato Ring (and more)
      All main courses are plated with a traditional style copper pot of sauce on the side - served by the waiters and left for you to add as much or little as you like.
      We declined dessert - too full - but Debu being Debu, and us, I guess being old regular customers gushing over the complexity of flavors were sent a desserts plate of -

      *Sweet Samosa stuffed with some kind of crushed nut and spices. (I would guess at pistachio?)
      *Thimble of Spiced Rice Pudding on Mango Coulis with Pomegranate (we think) topping.
      *Almond Paté (best way to describe it)

      Service was exemplary. Being from a hospitality background I always appreciate little things such as a fresh napkins if one gets dropped on the floor, fresh cutlery for each course and my main thing no clearing of plates before everyone is finished. I'm happy to say all of these happened tonight.

      I'm counting the hours until we can get back for more.

      For those who don't want to eat in, check out his take out and delivery Menu. Lots of old favorites to choose from and very reasonably priced.

      Come on Folks let keep Debu in Toronto and in business for years to come!

      Phone number for his new place is 416-926-9340

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      1. re: Adrianjsc

        Great news. I loved the creativity of the old place at Yonge & Wellesley. Must try the new location soon.

        1. re: Adrianjsc

          Amazing news - can't wait to try it! Loved the old place.

          1. re: Adrianjsc

            I was impressed that I actually got an email from him today announcing that his new restaurant was to be opening soon. Unfortunately, I think he got his dates mixed up. He stated on the email he was going to be opening this July 17….? Maybe I just got the email late. The grand opening isn’t until this upcoming Tuesday per his blog.

            Adrianjsc – that was the takeout menu that you ordered? It sounds quite elaborate. I would not even want to try and imagine how many containers you had to carry out. From reading your entry, I was thinking that you had a sit-down meal. Does that mean he doesn’t just offer take-out now?

            Does anyone know if they’re open now? His hours are also conflicting between his site and the chowhound restaurant information board. Does anyone know if he's open for brunch (lunch) on weekends? I’d love to stop by ASAP if it is. Thanks

              1. re: garlicandwingnut

                ah.. I almost forgot about that contraption. err Thanks.

                btw, what are the prices (approx) per main/app?

                1. re: BokChoi

                  Prices are Amaya inspired - steepish (Apps.$8-15/Mains $15-17+) and then you might want bread, raita, chutney, drinks etc..
                  However, the set menu ($30-35) likely be a decent deal and with luck exceptional.

                  I really hope Debu nails it here because I can get there in 5 mins. with a walker.

                  1. re: garlicandwingnut

                    Thanks garlicandwingnut. Fingers crossed over here as well. This must be his third or fourth try already...

            1. The original comment has been removed
              1. Hi Debu Saha Open a Debu'sBiryani House.365King St (w).
                Came and Join us.

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                1. re: Debusaha

                  Great news, Chef! Do you have a website yet? Or a Facebook page with menu?

                  Edit: Just found this Sounds great. Look forward to dining there!