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Jun 14, 2007 03:06 PM

Pear Street Bistro-Pinole

Any opinons on Dinner Sunday Night?

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  1. This got covered on Check, Please! on KQED a couple of weeks ago, you might check their web site. Overall reviews were positive but not ecstatic.

    1. Yes, It's a nice little neighborhood place, but I wouldn't travel to go there. Good mussels. Nojones

      1. It is probably the best restaurant from Rodeo to Berkeley.

        That being said it is Pinole, so there are little nits that you won't find in Berkley. Here's an old report.

        I haven't been for a couple of months but I love the gorgonzola/pear pizza. I've ordered that a number of times. I like the burger too.

        It is owned by Gary Wong. Ask if he is in the house. He can steer you to the best dishes and wines. They are serious about wine, but some of the staff ... again ... Pinole ... can be inexperienced.

        At one time they had a specially made pear/wine sorbet from Latest Scoop which was just one of the finest things I have ever eaten in my life. Ask for that. Bug Gary about that. They dropped it ... not sure if they put it back on the menu ... they NEVER should have dropped it ... it was a signature dish along with that pizza.

        Looking forward to an update report from you.