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Jun 14, 2007 02:36 PM

Suggestions on where to go...

Looking for a restaurant to eat at tomorrow night, no specifics just some GOOD food w/ a pleasant/fun atmosphere. nothing too fancy...or overly expensive. Outdoor seating is a plus. Looking to go somewhere new, so nothing in Pasadena or Downtown.. maybe Marina del rey, Santa Monica, Westwood, Venice, Los Feliz.. anywhere! Just outside of the san gabriel valley. And although I love it, no Japanese, Thai or Chinese (been overloaded on that recently)... all suggestions welcome! THANKS!

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  1. It's a little bit Japanese, but I'd go to Orris. There are outside tables.

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      Have you tried Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake? The food is not spectacular, but definitely good - can range from all right to very nice. The attraction is the fabulous terraced outdoor patio which has a romantic, Meditteranean feel...pillows and (I hope I'm not hallucinating) hanging lanterns (?) They allow smoking which is a plus for some, a turn-off for others. Also not too far a drive from the SGV; save some petrol!

    2. Go to Opus. The many positive reviews here say it all, for inventive food fairly priced. As for a pleasant/fun atmosphere, bring along some pleasant/fun dining companions, and you're good to go :-)

      1. Beechwood in Venice. Very pleasant & fun with a nice outdoor area. After 9pm it gets really crowded/lively in the best way if you're into a hopping bar scene.

        Fraiche and Fords' Filling Station in Culver City also have great food with nice patios and they (especially Fraiche) are pretty new...

        1. Thanks everyone.. looking forward to trying all these new places.... for tonight though, it turns out that we are definitely going to be int he Santa Monica Area...any recommendations? Definitely nothing really nice, somewhat casual, but w/ GREAT food =).. thanks..

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            also, any places in SM for good dessert..thanks!

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                Oops! Just realized you said no Japanese. Forget Musha then.

            1. In Santa Monica close to the Promenade, there's JiRaffe, Border Grill, I Cugini and (a little further away) Father's Office or Fritto Misto. Of those, JiRaffe is probably on the more refined end of the scale, but not stuffy and they pour some mean whiskey.