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Jun 14, 2007 02:29 PM

Martha's Vineyard

Will be there for 4 days in August. Anyone want to suggest any can't miss Chow hound type dinning experiences we should try to get to?

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  1. Hi gashrink. A couple of questions.......Have you been there before? Do you like a certain kind of food or atmosphere? Will you be with kids? Is budget a piece of the puzzle or are you going all out on this one? Will you have a car? You are going to have fun, as the Vineyard in August is a hopping place. Let me know- I will try to pass on some suggestions.

    1. Here are a few of my favorites:
      Sharkey's Cantina, Circuit Ave, Oak Bluffs -- Very casual, great sangria; can't go to the Vineyard without trying their paella. Served in a small cast iron frying pan, with homemade chorizo, shredded pork, shrimp and topped with lobster.
      Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta, Oak Bluffs - always a line so get there early. Perfect place for the garlic lover -- great lobster fra diavolo and shrimp alfredo - most dishes served in the saute pan at your table.
      Lola's Southern Seafood, Beach Rd Oak Bluffs on the way to Edgartown - Fun, funky, great lounge with entertainment on the weekend and the best mussels anywhere!
      Mediterranean, Vineyard Haven - Casually elegant, cozy (read tiny) outdoor patio; BYOB with creative and wonderfully presented dishes. Try the lamb shishkabob or the fried haddock!
      Newes of America, Edgartown - I guess this is my grazing place, love to sit at the tiny bar down back and order appetizers and wine. Perfect if you get a rainy day.
      Hopefully, this is a good start, there are many other great restaurants on the Vineyard - Enjoy!!!

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        Agree about of the best on the island. Give Bittersweet in West Tisbury a try - pricey but well worth it. Lola's is excellent. We walked out of Jimmy C's and went to Pomodoro. After sitting at a table for 20 minutes with waitresses looking at us but never coming over to us, we left. They think because Bill Clinton ate there they are the best. Probably the most over-rated restaurant on the island.

        1. re: RandyL

          Avoid Bittersweet if you are hungry. Teeny tiny portions and astronomical prices. You can do better.

      2. Last summer we had the most delicious dinner at Atria in Edgartown. They have a website. It's not inexpensive, so a special night out. You will want to sit outside. And funnily enough, what I remember most was my pre dinner cocktail! Stoli blueberry lemonade martini! A very lovely spot all around.

        1. It is sad but Bittersweet is closed. It was my very favorite.I have a summer house in West Tisbury and like Cafe Moxie . I also like the Mediterannan and eat there a lot. Lola's is great and we mostly eat in the bar. I guess i will have to branch out but Edgartown is so terrible for parking.

          1. Agreed - MVI has some good questions. Where are you staying? With kids? Budget? There are some fabulous fine dining spots all around the island I mostly stick to Edgartown or head up island for dinner spots. Among the best: Detente, Atria, Alchemy, and l'etoile (all pretty pricey -- but interesting & delicious food. L'etoile is definitely a special night out spot with no kids!). Chesca's is fun and lively and pretty good food, while not quite as expensive as the other spots in town. Up island, The Beach Plum Inn and Theos are my faves. Sweet Life Cafe in OB is also fantastic. I must say, I disagree with some of these posts, Lola's may be funky, but the food is mediocre at best and the Newes is definitely good in the winter for good cozy comfort food, but I wouldn't waste a summer day in at their dark tables.