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Jun 14, 2007 02:25 PM

Best lunch in the Presidio?

Friday late morning I'm picking up a friend at SFO and would like to stop for lunch on the way back to Marin. Neither of us has been to the new places in the Presidio and I thought that would be a "very SF" and on-the-way lunch. It will be about the lunch rush hour (too bad). Sit-down with view would be best instead of crowded deli. Or other suggestions along the way (near 280/19th Ave/ Park Presidio).

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  1. Only thing that fits all your criteria is La Terrace. If you sit outside, you'll have a lovely view. Service has improved enormously since they opened. While waiting for the bus today, I looked at their menu. They have done a 180! Menu totally different, more like a brasserie with a few odds and ends thrown in like pizza and a very good hamburger. I have enjoyed the food very much, despite what Bauer and others have said. Make a reso to ensure a table.

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      Thanks. I can't find any info on it via Google except a few comments from last year about its future opening. Do you have a phone number or website for it?

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        I'd say Acre, which is simple and self-serve and 1/3rd the price of La Terrace, at least the old La Terrace. Worth it just for the vending machine with healthy snacks near the recycling.

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          That's because I can spell worth a damn...

          The menu posted doesn't match the menu I saw though some items are still there like the pizzas, hamburger, moule frite...

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            Thanks, La Terrasse it will be if we have time and can get in without a long wait (per the website, no lunch reservations for less that a group of six).

      2. head over to crissy fields to the warming hut for a good hot dog. best view!

        At the warming hut.

        1. Thanks to everyone. We went to La Terrace this noon and it fit the bill just fine. It's a quite nice smallish space with an outdoor patio. There's a view of the Bay and Angel Island, but don't go thinking it's somehow on a hillside overlooking the Bay. It's on the level and most of the view is of the street and parking lot. But it's still quite nice. The food and service were fine. The waitress said this was the first day for this menu, so they're still changing things. I had a salad desribed as [can't remember the name of the leafy veg] and smoked salmon ($14). It was quite good, if a bit small for a full meal. The greens were under the generous portions of smoked salmon (lox type) so the look of the thing was quite stark, just the round circle of salmon showing on the full-size plate. The waitress asked how everything was and I told her that I'd add some salad stuff around the center pile or to expect some complaints about portion size. My friend's hambuger ($12) was done as requested (the waitress asked), meduim rare, and was very good if a bit dry for my preference. I know it's healthier this way, but I prefer more fat in my burger beef. The pomme frites that came with the burger, with part of the skins left on, were so good they were addictive and I'm not even a fan of french fries and almost never order them.

          It's a place that's trying hard and doing a lot right.

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            Yeah, I have complained about the salad sizes here in the past. There are a few tables on the patio on the side where you can see a slice of the bridge. Glad it worked out. I am waiting to try the new things next week, my lunch options being somewhat limited on the Presidio.