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Jun 14, 2007 02:14 PM

Eagle Rock/Highland Park Lunch

I just started working in Eagle Rock and am trying to sniff out the best lunch spots....I've already been to Eagle Rock Bakery and both Beaujolais...and have heard about The Bucket....does anybody have any other recommendations for that neck of the woods....I'm going to be working in the area all the more recommendations the better.
And the best mexican joints in Highland Park would also be appreciated as well.
Thanks in advance.


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    1. Hi - Here's a link to a (reasonably recent) thread: that might help a bit.

      I've liked everything I've had from the Eagle Rock Bakery - quite enjoyed my sandwiches and pastries from Auntie Em's - had some great food (when it's on, it's on!) and pretty much ho-hum (and when it's not, it's not) food and service from the Oinkster - and liked the doner kabobs from Spitz.

      Can't comment on Highland Park (haven't explore there much, yet), but I'm sure others will chime in with recommendations.

      1. Senor Fish is one of my favorite lunch destinations in Eagle Rock. I love Oinkster, even tho reviews on Chowhound seem to be mixed. There's also Blue Hen & Lemongrass if you are in the mood for Vietnamese. Table 8 and Camilo's are good for salads and sandwiches.

        EDITED -- I meant Coffee Table (NOT Table 8)...

        1. Taco Spot on Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock has some nice stuff - guacamole fries, for example (not to mention 'asada fries').

          1. Jonathan Gold's LA Weekly article about the Mexican places on York in Highland Park still holds true:


            went to Oinkster for lunch the other day and was glad to see that the service and cleanliness of the place had improved since the last time I was there. the cheeseburger was delish, and oh! those fries...

            an undersung Mexican place is La Fuente, on the south side of Colorado just west of Eagle Rock in a little minimall...not THE best Mexican you'll ever have, but very good and the icy cold cervezas are a big plus, too.

            and if Larkin's ever opens, you should try it--went to one of their "tasting" dinners a few months ago and loved it. ("soul food" by white folks, but tasty nonetheless.)

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              I agree. La Fuente is a great place for lunch when given the formula, "taste-over- price equals-quality." Other Mexican spots in the Eagle Rock/Highland park area are:

              Jerry's - on Eagle Rock Blvd near Washington Mutual
              El Pescador - on Figureoa
              Mariscos - on York across from the Big Lots

              Oinkster is your craving a BBQ sandwich, fries, and Ube Shake type of meal. Classic Thai on Colorado is great for pick up. The Bucket has limitted hours but try Pete's Blue Chip.

              1. re: annagranfors

                Larkin's is having its soft opening this weekend, and in fact will be open tonight, yet will be byob as their liquor license has not cleared all the processing. However, will probably not be open for lunch for a while until they make sure their dinner action is working properly.
                The Oinkster's pastrami or pulled pork sandwiches are very good, the fries with the garlic aioli - yum!, and either the infamous Ube shake or maybe a Boylan's root beer.
                Mia sushi on Eagle Rock Blvd. and Colorado Wine Co. for after work wine tastings.