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Jun 14, 2007 02:05 PM

Birthday dinner for our 18 year old daughter near American University

We'll be dropping off our daughter for her freshman year at American University the weekend of her 18th birthday. Can someone suggest a suitable mid-priced restaurant in that area? She likes steak, shrimp and pasta.


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  1. How about jumping on the red line and going down to Dino- not more than a few stops from there to cleveland park and the food is excellent.

    1. I'll second Dino. Really high quality, hip (by DC standards) Northern Italian place. Not much farther would be Persimmon in Bethsda. Persimmon is a bit more expnsive than Dino and the wine selection is nothing compared to what Dino has (both in terms of quality and value; Dino's list is incredible). But, it sounded like you might be looking for something a bit more 'standard' than a progressive Northern Italian and Persimmon is an excellent New American option.

      Still though, I'd go to Dino and order the lasagna. I can honestly say it may be the best lasagna I've had in any restaurant.

      1. Try Chef Geoffs just down the road on New Mexico avenue towards the western end of campus it is at 3201 NM Avenue, three blocks south of campus. There is also a good Italian place up Massachusetts Avenue in the shopping center by AU Law school, near the CVS or Rite Aid there. Congratulations and welcome to the neighborhood!

        1. I wouldn't call Dino hip in a newly minted freshman's eyes. I think you should hop the red line down to Chinatown/Penn Quarter (the hippest area you're going to find in DC), and got to Zaytinia, Jaleo, Zola or Matchbox (check out their menus).

          1. I personally have enjoyed every meal I've had at Lias in Friendship Heights.
            Decently priced, the pasta I've had is outstanding, fantastic cheese plates and the desserts have been luscious.